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  1. ARK Digest Q&A!

    This is an old Digest thread that presumably should have been locked once it was unpinned... They generally make new ones for each round of questions otherwise they have to weed through multiples. @GP maybe this needs to be locked up?
  2. Cert Process

    Whilst all completely understandable, they are all also very 'convenient' reasons that allow studios/publishers leeway when they feel the need Not that it's different behaviour to any other industry mind!
  3. Cert Process

    Sure, "Early Access" is, but "early access" is also just a way of describing a generic process... I actually can't think of a simpler one that works in a sentence and most people will understand I suppose that makes some sense on certain levels, but does bring into question some of their policies. I mean, the game was actually certified with issues still existing, the Ragnarok patch brought others and the map itself is buggy and full of glitches - so if they have this strict approach to "finished" games, it begs the question why they allowed Raganarok through? Or at least they did a poor job of certifying that particular patch! Who really knows I guess. Hopefully we don't have to suffer this delay for each and every patch. It's kind of ironic - you have Sony who are opposed to things like cross play but seem to be pretty rapid with patch approval, and Microsoft who are actually supportive of cross play (with Phil Spencer even saying they wished Epic left the cross play active in Fortnite on the weekend!) etc but seem to be far stricter on their certification.
  4. Cert Process

    I can accept that, but struggle to see why it's different if a game is in Early Access...
  5. Cert Process

    It'd be nice to know why things apparently take so much longer when a game is released vs when it's in EA. I mean, the game still utilises the Live platform so would be subject to the same checks etc, so just what is the difference now? I suspect an answer will not be forthcoming here, and definitely even less probable on the correct channel (Microsoft) for many reasons though.
  6. Xbox update?

    It's with MS and since the switch to retail, the process is proving very long winded. Hopefully not every patch takes this length of time - PS4 is already scheduled to get another patch next week and we haven't even had the last one yet which is a bit of a joke.
  7. Windows 10 release?

    I believe it was asked in the UWP update prior to release (in the re-purposing thread maybe) and the answer was "they weren't sure" unfortunately. Since then though I've seen someone (could have been just related to Play Anywhere in general though rather than ARK) say that you can move around between versions, which given that the game saves are cloud-based was what I hoped would happen. Still... who knows, we'll find out soon I guess!
  8. So where's everyone gone?

    I'm waiting for the Windows 10/Play Anywhere release so I can host a server for me and my friends on Xbox. I was happily playing on an official Scorched Earth server before release (that we specifically picked because it was fairly popular!) - then it got included in the wipe list, for some reason. After that I've played an official Ragnarok server (legacy cluster) but gave up because of the lag - PvE server where some tribes had 30+ giga's - seriously, why do you have that many in PvE?! You can't even use them in boss fights!! Anyway... I'm playing single player to familiarise myself with the map at present. Still enjoy the game, but my experience on officials in the past month or so has been awful unfortunately.
  9. Windows 10 release?

    Nope, no specific release date yet just some vague 'aiming for the end of the month!' posts/tweets. It's been delayed by the weather in America (understandable) and given the time that it's taking for MS to certify the first patch (well over a week, seriously?!) since the game went 'retail' I'd guess they're holding things up a bit too. More info: Nothing more since that as yet. 9 days left of September, here's hoping
  10. Confused Arbitration Free

    Do you mean Aberration? If so, it won't be free. It's not even out so it'll either be an error in the pricing (perhaps it's not set in stone yet), or maybe because you've bought the season pass the price comes up as zero or something, because you've already paid for it?
  11. Ok now this is ridiculous

    Thanks for replying. I'd actually seen your comments in the UWP topic but I thought perhaps there'd be a tiny bit more to eek out of you Hopefully it does go to plan. I'm a bit sceptical given the date (more on the fact it'll probably have to go through MS cert), but keeping fingers crossed you make it. After having sold my second Xbox that hosted our server in anticipation of the Win10 release, my friends and I can't wait to start fresh over on Ragnarok together!
  12. Ok now this is ridiculous

    Haha, a win for! Now we just need to coax a little bit more info on Xbox UWP from them... Come on @Jat, you know you want to!
  13. Xbox and PC Cross Play

    OK, that's what I mean by Game Sharing although "sharing Gold benefits" is probably a more accurate description. It's exactly what I do with my friend in order to have access to the games he buys. I thought there was something else I was missing out on
  14. Xbox and PC Cross Play

    Right, so using the benefits of Xbox Gold and making use of Game Sharing then? You can't just download the Play Anywhere game using the account purchased ARK, then log out and your partner could log in with her gamertag and play the game I assume? As her gamertag wouldn't be recognised as owning the game...?? It's an advantage, sure (I am paired up with a friend and we buy a game each now and then, and of course the other one gets it "free" too) - but yet again, it's a completely Microsoft-specific one.
  15. Xbox and PC Cross Play

    I'm not that guy, but it seems that despite both him (her?) and a moderator pointing out some basic facts to you, you're still failing. You're even citing examples (Minecraft) that poke holes in your ideas. A question though on this bit "I am not talking about playing the game on the same account.. I am talking about playing the game on both platforms simultaneously with only 1 copy of the game. Also you can do this on all current play anywhere titles." -- is that not what the OP originally asked when they said: So to be clear, what you are talking about is ... playing the games at the same time, but offline? Because I'm not sure how you'd play the game (any game) simultaneously on Xbox and Windows. Can you expand? Sounds interesting if somehow possible (and isn't just the Game Sharing option).