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  1. I've always liked the look of P+ but hasn't it suffered from lack of updates for ages now?
  2. TranqRex


    This looks interesting, hopefully Snail can pull it off. Presumably it's Minecraft under the hood with creatures and AI. Wonder if Microsoft are involved at all... Wonder what decisions they'll make with regards to the building damage etc (like the metal in Minecraft, perhaps that'll be equivalent to the metal in ARK). Also, you guys didn't see the existing topic literally 2 below this one?!
  3. TranqRex

    Xbox Private PC Hosted servers

    There are official specs listed in the Microsoft Store. You may be able to get the info here though if you can make out all the text on the screenshot. They've said that currently, hosting is the same as basically playing the game so you'll need the minimum spec for that and presumably better CPU/more RAM will help if you have a lot of people on it at once (you can do upto 70 players, if the PC will do it). They also said that they'll be attempting to make hosting a less intensive experience, more akin to the official server/Nitrado style but that'll be some way down the road yet.
  4. Agreed, and I never said it wasn't. But people will see that and just go ahead and believe it's in a virtual environment, which is what I was pointing out.
  5. TranqRex

    Windows 10 bugs and issues that should be fixed

    Yeah, that was one of the reasons. They said it wouldn't work so were trying MS's True Play system but that obviously failed, so they said at launch it'll only be a select few official servers because of the lack of anti-cheat, then once they get a system working it'll be all of them (as per the latest news update post by Jat).
  6. Yes, it will. Whilst it's the same code base (it's Microsoft's UWP that allows for this), the PC version can take advantage of increased CPU performance, RAM and graphical hardware. I've literally watched this happen with my own eyes last week when the Win 10/Play Anywhere version came out. The Windows 10 version is not 'crippled' to match the performance on Xbox One hardware, if you have a $10k PC setup it'll take full advantage of that. I mean you'll probably have the Steam version if that was the case, but anyway... It's not a virtual machine, it's from the same codebase. @Joebl0w13 - if you want to 'facepalm' this comment, let's see you provide some facts and figures to correct any portion of it.
  7. TranqRex

    Windows 10 bugs and issues that should be fixed

    You should, yes, and maybe this is now fixed (since Jat's latest tweets). However you will currently only be able to join selected official Xbox servers because there is currently no BattlEye/MS anti-cheat equivalent, and obviously nobody wants to have their server over-run with cheats using aim bots etc.
  8. TranqRex

    Run Multiple Arks on one Win 10 server

    Wouldn't have thought so at present, as TedyBearOfDeath says the game is basically an 'Xbox on Windows' due to the environment it runs in. You can't have multiple maps without multiple Xboxes - but even then you can't have a clustered setup as far as I know because there's no way to link the sessions. WC have said they're looking at making the Windows 10 hosting experience less intensive (i.e. more like the Steam/Nitrado environment, but without the configuration options), maybe then there'll be an option to do it but I wouldn't bank on it.
  9. TranqRex

    Xbox/PC play anywhere/Windows 10

    You're not meant to apparently, it's more a Microsoft network side setting from what Jesse said some hours ago.
  10. TranqRex

    Xbox/PC play anywhere/Windows 10

    No worries. It'd help if the devs didn't post stuff on about 10 different media platforms
  11. TranqRex

    Xbox/PC play anywhere/Windows 10

    Literally 6 posts below this one: https://survivetheark.com/index.php?/forums/topic/113531-xboxpc-play-anywherewindows-10/&page=12&tab=comments#comment-1667483
  12. TranqRex

    ARK Season Pass

    Have I understood this topic wrongly, or is the OP saying that because they bought the game in the preview phase they should get the DLC's free (or massively reduced) now? Why... why would any company do that?
  13. TranqRex

    Play Anywhere character transfers.

    It depends - you state 'official' in your opening sentence. Where did you build the levels on the character? You cannot go from unofficial/single player to official, so you may need to start again unless you've already got a character on the official network.
  14. TranqRex

    Xbox one X still has a host tether

    Maybe not immediately. Maybe it would be fine for a few days, a few weeks - who knows. The point is, the CPU was working harder and, presumably, above the threshold determined safe for the console to run at. Companies don't allow this to happen because they don't want lawsuits that result in them paying out millions to replace people's consoles as a result of them ignoring advice.
  15. TranqRex

    Xbox/PC play anywhere/Windows 10

    For the Xbox game sharing, yes. You'd obviously need a second account to actively share with. For the last bit... I'm not sure. Obviously on the Xbox you need Gold to play online (at least, for most games). I'm not aware that a 'Gold equivalent' exists for Windows, but because your Xbox account is just a Microsoft account and ports between the 2 platforms, the Windows version will be able to know whether your Microsoft account has Xbox Gold or not. From there, I guess it'll work out whether you can play online, host a server etc. Only if that server has the feature enabled. So NOT all official servers, only a small selection (that will really be test servers for the feature) because there is no anti-cheat in the Win 10 version at present. Unofficial servers (i.e. Nitrado or player-hosted) will have the option to enable or disable the feature at their own leisure. It isn't out yet... "8 AM PST on Dec 19th", source