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  1. Pc server Hosting For xbox PROBLEM!!!

    Don't need to say sorry, it should work in the way you want but there's a problem preventing Win 10 clients from playing online at present, which means they can't act as servers either.
  2. Pc server Hosting For xbox PROBLEM!!!

    Do you mean on Windows 10 (Play Anywhere)? Because if so, there is a problem with the Windows 10 version and Microsoft need to resolve the problem, not Wild Card. That's all the information available on the subject at present, they've just said "hopefully before the weekend" but no more.
  3. All the Rex’s disappeared.

    You used to see level 180 on Xbox One? Are you sure about that? I didn't think it was possible to [legitimately] get spawns above 150...
  4. Xbox/PC play anywhere/Windows 10

    The MS website is a bit weird... works OK for me but not others. Try this?
  5. ARK Play Anywhere

    Perhaps, if so I expect that would be a specific issue for Microsoft to resolve. Maybe it's just your account somehow - earlier today, it would show up for one of my friends but not the other, in the same country. It's around 86GB if that helps you in any way! Edit: try this?
  6. ARK Play Anywhere

    It's out, in the Microsoft Store.
  7. Probably related to this, Jesse posted some hours ago: From Reddit thread He also said, in another reply: Which seems similar to the advice above.
  8. [Fixed in v275.4] The silent Giga nerf

    Looks like your original post was just merged into the multi-page thread on this that's already on the main board...
  9. Confirmed but not delivered

    I don't think they ever said S+ was due by now? They're massively configuring what portions of the mod will actually be included from what I understand, it won't just be "oh we're adding S+ to the base game, woo!". Actually Jat tweeted a response to someone about this the other day, said it was nowhere near ready. Flyer speed options though, yeah, don't know why that hasn't been done. They said it was an easy fix...
  10. Xbox/PC play anywhere/Windows 10

    There is plenty of information on this subject - it's even stated in the Announcement topics that the devs created. People who have the Windows 10 Store version of the game will be able to play with Xbox players, provided that the server supports the ability. Your question which relates to official servers - there will be a limited number of these to begin with as they sort out the anti-cheat on the Windows version. So no, it's not a blanket statement that it'll just enable it for all official Xbox servers - but when they've fixed the anti-cheat? Who knows, perhaps they'll just enable the option on all Xbox servers. Unofficial servers (which mean player-rented Nitrado servers, or an Xbox console, or a Windows 10 PC) will be able to enable the option should they so wish. Play Anywhere will NOT allow PC players who have the Steam version to play together. Play Anywhere will NOT allow the Xbox and PS4 to play together. Basically, think of the Windows 10 Store version as just being the Xbox game, but on a PC. You'll need the same account you have bought the game with on the console to get the game (at least, for 'free' as part of the Play Anywhere program), it'll all be delivered through the Windows Store.
  11. Xbox one X still has a host tether

    I'm going to speculate the reason there is a tether is because the console can't handle it for a sustained period. The advice may be from Microsoft (after all, they have to approve/reject games & patches) for all we know. You may be OK to run it for a few hours, maybe more - but if you did it for the same amount of time every day, the console's CPU might suffer. Maybe the CPU is fine, but the lack of RAM means there are way more system crashes and the game is generally less stable without a tether. Who knows, we don't really have an official answer that goes into any technical detail beyond "it's not stable". Doesn't really matter to me anyway, I was just surprised there was no difference at all on the Xbox One X. You'd have thought that if local splitscreen tether was removed entirely then the networked tether distance would have been increased further than 5m or so.
  12. Xbox one X still has a host tether

    Except it isn't like that at all, because they could literally test the software properly before announcing the stuff. There's no chance element involved. I'm neither disappointed at the feature (I don't play it in that way, just tested a feature because I happened to have 2x One X's handy) or 'mad' at him. I just think the company and it's staff should work harder at being more professional (and being fair to Jat/Jen, it's been better lately). I'm hungry, when is this dinner?
  13. Xbox one X still has a host tether

    Understandable, but he should really either be more specific (e.g. make the tweet about the local splitscreen) or hold fire until it's tested & confirmed. I think despite all the bugs and problems this game has had over it's life cycle thus far, communication is my #1 issue with it all. Either poorly communicated or just not communicated at all.
  14. Xbox one X still has a host tether

    Jeremy completely over-sold it, as he does on twatter almost all the time. Too much hype, too little delivery. The "increased" distance is ultimately useless, tried it on the weekend with 2x One X's and it was pretty much the same as the regular One. I seemed to have been teleported at one point into the bottom of the canyon on Ragnarok near the 'Griffin Valley' (mid-way between green/blue) and I could see the host stood up at the top of the cliffs - the distance marker seemed to be indicating over 600m and I could still move freely on the group of rocks I was on. I didn't go that far because there were terror birds waiting on the rocks below me and the river was all around - plus I was a naked Bob just spawned in to test the tether. As soon as he moved, even slightly, I was teleported somewhere up higher on the cliffs, back beneath the ~255m range. In short, the tether distance on Xbox One X doesn't allow you to do anything more than with an Xbox One. Unless they've forgotten to increase/enable a setting it's absolutely not worth bothering with.
  15. console XBox Hosted Console Issues

    There's a 'white list' that is completely non-functional on the admin screen when you host a dedicated game on an Xbox console (not sure of the Nitrado options). If Wild Card fixed this, it would solve a lot of problems. You'd think it'd be a trivial thing to resolve - it's the opposite of the ban list right, and that works...?!