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  1. You go into your in game settings. I think so at least. I'm a Ps4 player and that's how it works for me.
  2. Turn on default survivor items, then die and respawn. The chibi noglin is something you get in your inventory when you spawn in because you bought the genesis season pass. You will get a new one with no exp if you die.
  3. I just spawned one in and they're a lot smaller than I remember damn, hope this one has more interesting abilities though. I'm all for a bit of bug love
  4. You can also see a human skeleton next to it, so it is the normal araneo size.
  5. I always feel bad after killing diplos, they just wanna be friends.
  6. Wildcard didn't even need to do another creature vote, don't be rude just because you don't like it.
  7. C'mon man, give us bug fans some love. The last 2 votes have had at least one mammal in it. Fjordur had andrewsarchus, desmodus, and I guess you could argue that fenrir is a mammal too. Lost island gave us the dinopithecus, we haven't had a tamable bug since genesis. I've also checked and we've had a new mammal every dlc besides crystal isles, ragnarok, and valguero. 13 new tamable mammals in total since scorched earth. That's not counting the base game mammals. We have 14 bugs total in game, thats counting bosses and non tamable bugs.
  8. I'm gonna completely ignore what people are talking about and just enjoy the colorful dinos.
  9. This is already a thing and only real world extinct animals are allowed to be submitted.
  10. So what's stopping Wildcard from naming it gorganopsid and labeling it's species as Inostrancevia ect or gorganops ect. The name doesn't have to be 100% accurate, gorganopsid is a better known name anyways.
  11. This is the link to the ark wikipedia. It does not confirm that tyrannosaurus dominum is a real species.
  12. I was wrong about Utahraptor, however there is no "Tyrannosaurus Dominum". Almost every piece of information links to ARK, it is a made up species for the game.
  13. I see where you are coming from, however ARK is not a "dinosaur" game per se. There have been many non-dinosaur inclusions over the past 7 years the game has been out. (Like the dimetrodon, thylacoleo, pulmonoscorpius, arthroplura, ect..) and plenty of those creatures have been welcome inclusions to the game. I would personally love for the gorganopsid to win this vote, but you don't have to dis other people's ideas just because they don't have big fangs. Especially if the gorganopsid isn't even a dinosaur itself. It is a synapsid, and a very close relative to mammals today.
  14. "Slime-Molds are real organisms that have a decently high intelligence!They're able to navigate mazes, and such, by just spreading themselves from their initial source!They've been around for around 100-Million years, so while they're not 'extinct' they have been around since before the dinosaurs.There's a few extinct species though of slime-molds that have been preserved in amber, so Wildcard could use one of those!" You might be thinking of fantasy slimes, like the slimes from dragon quest. This creature is real.
  15. Vesdied

    Rock Wyvern

    Only real world extinct creatures are permitted.
  16. Does anyone know how to get a dossier template? I have a literal notebook full of fan dossiers and I wanna submit a few.
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