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    please add some sort of tek structure or creature that will collect fertilized eggs for you that was you can leave them dropping eggs while you go to do things elsewhere.
  2. cool thank you for the info
  3. didnt know that about the tuso, are there any other aquatic creatures that drop eggs?
  4. is the official server dino level cap 450 or 500? i remember it being 450 but i have seen some people say that its 500 and im not sure if i missed that in one of the patch notes at some point so im slightly confused also i was wondering how you can collect aquatic creature eggs for the egg incubator? im just not sure if there is another way, the only way i remember is by using a gacha to collect the tuso eggs but not sure if that works for any other possible aquatic creature egg
  5. i never had any real issue with the harvesting, xp, and taming rates. the big issue in my opinion is the breeding rates, everything takes way too long. i understand wanting to make it difficult but up to 14 days for something is kinda ridiculous for a game to be honest.
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