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  1. server settings questions i just have a few questions about changing certain settings on my nitrado server. what setting would i need to change to increase how long it takes for a tamed creature to go through its food meter? and what would i need to set it to to double the amount of time it takes? and also if i do change this setting does it mess with baby creature raising at all?
  2. server settings questions i just have a few questions about changing certain settings on my nitrado server. what setting would i need to change to increase how long it takes for a tamed creature to go through its food meter? and what would i need to set it to to double the amount of time it takes? and also if i do change this setting does it mess with baby creature raising at all?
  3. i just wanted to check something about the events when using a nitrado server. i had another event active and then today after the update i changed the setting from the other event to use the current official event. will the event just start fine or do i have to do something since i changed the setting after the event had already started? with the extinction cronicles event on the nitrado server, are all the colors from each of the 5 events active at once or is there maybe a way to choose a specific one you want?
  4. i just had to chase down an ice wyvern that was flying straight for 50,50 ignoring anything it ran into and it had its head in the ground and its tail straight in the air (it was almost completely vertical) and i had to atk it to get it to aggro on me. so im pretty sure that the 50,50 and the spawning too far from the nest location are the main things that are causing them to be so difficult to find. the only 2 at a time thing is actually helpful, ty. as long as i make sure to fight them each time a new one pops up but it still doesnt always have an egg and every time i dont see an egg the ice wyvern is a good distance away from where the nest is.
  5. ive been searching for ice wyverns for the past few days now and have seen very few and when i have seen them the had no nest in the spawn locations most of the time but i did notice that the ice wyverns themselves were a good distance away from where the nest is (i have confirmed 3 out of the 4 nest locations as where they should be according to the wiki and where people have seen them on youtube as i have found a low lv egg at the 3 locations). im thinking that the wyverns are spawning too far away from the nest locations preventing an egg from spawning judging by how far they are from them. i also noticed 2 lv135 quetzals dragging their bellies across the ground in the snow flying directly towards 50,50 as well as argents with their heads in the grounds and their tails in the air (and i do mean they were almost completely vertical lol) flying together to 50,50 as well. plus i have seen the occasional ice wyvern making a straight line for 50,50 also and i have to sprint full speed to get its attention. my guess is there is a similar issue to what used to happen where certain flying creatures would end up flying to 50,50 for some reason (i believe they did fix it back then but it may just be the same issue and it hasnt been completely fixed yet) and since the wyvern goes straight for 50,50 it leaves the area and that could possibly cause no eggs to spawn in time or something. but im pretty sure they both spawn at the same time so im pretty sure its just that they end up spawning originally too far from the nest spawn and that causes no egg to spawn
  6. i know where each spawn is and i have only seen 4 ice wyverns since i started the server 2 weeks ago. no one has built there as the server is my private server for me and my friends.
  7. thought so, its probably easier to get the other wyverns because they are the only creatures that are supposed to spawn in the scar but for the ice wyverns there are a large number of other creatures that spawn in the same area so you probably have to clear those to hopefully help them spawn. although i have noticed people complaining that the ice wyverns may spawn but too far away from where the nest is and so an egg wont appear because of that which is annoying as well.
  8. im guessing that the ice wyverns dont have the same spawn time as the wyverns in the scar. because they always spawn in about 20 mins or so but i have only seen a few ice wyverns and they were not always around where a nest was supposed to be.
  9. ok, i just wanted to make sure i was correct because i unchecked the box to make it so that i will have the rider buff and wasnt sure if that would disable or enable the rider buff because the wording was a bit confusing for some reason
  10. i have only seen 2 ice wyverns, the first one was just flying straight for 50,50 for some reason and i lost track of it and the second was at the nest where i found one of the 3 eggs i got but i didnt get a chance to get it because it started chasing something and i didnt feel like chasing
  11. its rather annoying if i have to do this often. if this is a bug you would think they would have fixed it in the 2 years people have been complaining about it
  12. im not getting any nests at all at this point. i checked each spot and there was no nest or egg from what i could see.
  13. i only found 3 nest, 2 when i went looking the first time and then 1 the time after that and i havent seen any at all since. i have checked all 4 locations multiple times. i looked it up and found posts from 2 years ago and june/july of 2018 with people complaining about the same issue but no clue if its a bug or not. if it is a bug its a bit ridiculous that it hasnt been fixed in 2 years.
  14. i rented a nitrado server for ps4 and was wondering about the setting "disable dino imprint buff". if the box is checked does that mean that you wont have the rider bonus when riding an imprinted creature or is it the opposite?
  15. there was no choice for an "official" nitrado server. i just rented a server from nitrado.
  16. are they just a rare spawn or something? because i have only come across 3 nests in the past week and i have only seen 1 actual ice wyvern when it was fighting a mammoth. i am on a ps4 ragnarok nitrado server
  17. i have my harvest multiplier setting set to 3x but i have noticed that when im going for hide i get more hide with a normal primitive metal hatchet than i do with either my allosaurus or my direwolf. did i set something wrong or something? i usually end up getting like 150 hide from a bronto with my direwolf but when i do it with my metal hatchet i get 300 hide. i shouldve also mentioned the same thing happens with meat as well, i get more meat with my pickaxe than i do with my direwolf, argent, or allo.
  18. i just want to know if they reduced the armor on triceratops saddles at some point? the only reason i ask is because i just got an ascendent saddle and saddle blueprint with 60ish armor on both of them and the last time i remember getting an ascendent saddle for a triceratops it had 100 armor but that was a good while ago so i dont know if anything has changed.
  19. i double checked and found out that every jerboa that i tame with berries have the same stats and every jerboa i tame with seeds have the same stats except for the weight and melee which are higher than the others for some reason. ive tamed five with each and thats how they have all come out so far. this is a little confusing.
  20. i know that they all tame out at lv 1 but i have one jerboa that was tamed with mejo and the other that was tamed with plant y seed and for some reason the lv 1 jerboa i tamed with the seeds has higher melee and weight than the one i tamed with mejo. thats why im confued atm. Vaculity, im breeding jerboa because i like them and would like colors lol
  21. so ive never bred jerboa before and i noticed that the jerboa popped out a lv 3 instead of a lv 1 and it had 1 mutation (both the parents were event color if that makes a difference) and when i went to look at the parents to find out why i saw that one jerboa had higher dmg and weight than the other (the baby had the same exact stats as the one with the 2 higher stats). im guessing that the stats are different because one was tamed with berries and the other with the seeds but i was just wondering if the reason it was 2 lvs higher was because of the 2 stats that were higher on the one parent?
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