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  1. And of course I fibbed, with the last request. So is there anyway we can get a way to select our saved files to have them exported into the output window Example 4 files named: SE White Drop Normal SE White Drop Double SE Green Drop Normal SE Green Drop Double Would it be possible for us to get a checkmark selection, to allow multiple saves to populate into one output for cut and paste &&|| for the save files to be import/exportable for sharing? [x] SE White Drop Normal [x] SE White Drop Double [x] SE Green Drop Normal [x] SE Gr
  2. Btw was super amazed you had the database already up and working. very very nice.
  3. Gum, yah I keep the weights at 1-5 Couse that's a lot of digital reworking most the time lol. I was just commenting bc one of my buddies was having trouble grasping the range. Still retweeking some of my ini file will post over my last post once I'm satisfied
  4. Gum the only thing I would ask is make the weight tighter instead of a range of 10000 where 1 is .0000001 make 1 = .01 (1-100) like a % to make it more comprehensive
  5. gum you have done absolutely amazing with your site Drops Completed for SE as of 22 Sept 16 SE Drops 22SEP16.txt SE Drops 22SEP16.txt
  6. ConfigOverrideSupplyCrateItems=(SupplyCrateClassString="White Normal",MinItemSets=2,MaxItemSets=5,NumItemSetsPower=1,bSetsRandomWithoutReplacement=true,ItemSets=((MinNumItems=2,MaxNumItems=3,NumItemsPower=1,SetWeight=0.5,bItemsRandomWithoutReplacement=true,ItemEntries=((EntryWeight=0.0001,ItemClassStrings=("PrimalItem_WeaponBow"),ItemsWeights=(0.5),MinQuantity=1,MaxQuantity=1,MinQuality=1,MaxQuality=5,bForceBlueprint=false,ChanceToBeBlueprintOverride=0.2),(EntryWeight=0.0001,ItemClassStrings=("PrimalItemAmmo_ArrowStone"),ItemsWeights=(0.25),MinQuantity=25,MaxQuantity=50,MinQuality=1,MaxQuality
  7. thanks yah my first post was all hand coded, was just wondering why I was getting launch errors even with outh the double == in it. I appricate the help
  8. % Question: Yes ive read the forum but it wasn't actually confirmed.. Each Entry in a set has to total up to 100% Each Set in a crate has to equal up to 100% Or can multiple entries and sets = 100 % inside a crate"?
  9. For item name in fill in the blank you want PrimalItem_WeaponBow not PrimalItem_WeaponBow_C correct?
  10. that link is not working its sending me to a page that says " Place Holder ..... Info Coming Soon Hit the <\> code symbol to start NB: Currently only formatted for browser > 800 pixels. Working on smaller sizes as we speak. Enjoy Coming Soon...... Screen Formatting For Lower Resolutions Hints/Tips/Guides Save/Load/Edit Loot Crates Items Database"
  11. Would you look this over its not functioning. [My Loot Crates- White Normal] ConfigOverrideSupplyCrateItems=(SupplyCrateClassString="SupplyCrate_Level03_C",MinItemSets=1,MaxItemSets=3,NumItemSetsPower=1.0,bSetsRandomWithoutReplacement=true, ItemSets=( (MinNumItems=1,MaxNumItems=3,NumItemsPower=1.0,SetWeight=.9,bSetsRandomWithoutReplacement=true, ItemEntries=( (EntryWeight=.8,ItemClassStrings==("PrimalItem_WeaponMetalHatchet_C"),ItemsWeights=(1.0),MinQuantity=1.0,MaxQuantity=1.0,MinQuality=1.0,MaxQuality=2.0,bForceBlueprint=false,ChanceToBeBlueprintOverride=0.2), (EntryW
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