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  1. well im looking at it,and I think I have a prediction. It seems to be some form of ankylosaur,most likely desert based.The creature is obviously a camel-like creature likely capable of storing and holding water.It seems to be a herbivorous animal.also,it seems that survivors may be able to extract water from this dinosaur.just my theory,a ARK theory
  2. well technically,argentavis is still a vulture.It just loves instantly attacking any player,player owned creature,or small animal since its big and strong enough to do so.these vultures wont be able do since their many times smaller and weaker.If this vulture could,it would probably hunt down prey,like argies.
  3. I guess they saw the godzilla mod a guy is making and thought "We better get mothra in there asap!"
  4. basically a giant reptillian hummingbird,got it
  5. when primal hits,imma make the survivors know me as legend,as the most terrifying carnivore around
  6. but seriously,when I saw it,I thought "Great,their adding giant death rats"
  7. The redwood would be terrifying at night.imagine giant wooden spires all around you,stomping in the distance,and a roaring in the darkness.Then,at the moment you beleive your safe,a raptor charges in from the veil of black hell and rips out your eyes before tearing open your stomach and pulling out your intestines
  8. I always thought the snow was too small,finally their expanding,YEAY
  9. This album is dedicated to either beautiful or crazy scenes,artwork,or screenshots.I claim no ownership to any of these
  10. I could never be let playing a dino, I would probably gain a blood lust and tear apart everything that bleeds
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