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  1. Wild Card u have completely screwed up on this idea, you are doing good with regular ark but survival of the fittest u have just given up even though SOTF is the most fun game that you have. You are going to stop all developement and you will stop supporting the game's servers and you want to focus on Regular ARK when it has enough in it to be finished with development and all you need to do is improve the way it runs. You need to also think of the ppl that only stream SOTF and that is the only money they make they won't be able to afford what they need to live in a healthy lifestyle. I am talking about streamers such as shipwrektyt, Sterdekie,Acential, DarkDolphin, LymphEU,etc.,. THINK ABOUT THEM AND THE WHOLE SOTF COMMUNNIUTY WE NEED THIS. Forget regular ark because SOTF is straight up better. Thank You, I VERY BIG PART OF YOUR COMMUNITY MPG Leboski
  2. Will there be split screen for PS4 ,but could you please have it for PS4.
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