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  1. Hi peeps, Been looking for a good stacking mod for PC, but it seems most in the steam workshop are no longer being updated. Any suggestions on a good one that actually works? Need it primarily to harvest skins and pelt of ovis without getting blackboxed constantly because of the insane amounts of raw mutton. Cheers for the help!
  2. Tame groups I have and use, problem is they stand so close together you can't tell em apart. Weird they don't have features to make em spread further out or something like that. As for smart remarks about counting out loud, really......
  3. Hi, I'm a new player and I want to know how I can count how many dino's I have of a specific kind (in this case megatheriums). I think I have about 10 or 12 but they all stand on top of each other and it's impossible to determine how many there are exactly like this. It's driving me nuts... Apologies if this is a really stupid question or if it is posted in the wrong subforum but like I said I'm new to the game and this forum. Thanks for helping me out!
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