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  1. I can name tons but, Monster Hunter doesn't post em In a community, but they do weekly events and have crunches as soon as you log in game. Even Monster Hunter Frontier had weekly events updated with completely new monsters. Dont simp for wildcard for doing bare minimum
  2. Literally says this comes out in June and Easter Event comes out in April... Priorities... Wildcard does absolutely poope in listening to their players. If this is the last year for events, at least do Evo every weekend or every other weekend. Completely asinine to do Evo and do server transfer unlock at the same time and then not at all. How has this not been learned from already from every DLC? Anyone who sees these two or three sentence crunches as "good" simply to support wildcard, are just as toxic, if not more so, than players voicing their opinions on the inadequacy of these posts. The lack of simple review of their numbering shows how little effort they actually put into these posts. With the release of ARK 2 and the other Ark projects, you think theyd want to entice more players, having ARK free on ps4 all month, you'd have Evo all month to entice players. This being last year of events, have BETTER events as a last hurrah, so new players have a want to play the second one and have crunches about THOSE events, not mention of a potentially functional skin applicable to a dlc that isn't dropping for months. Hell why not both? Ya need a better media team and better promotion team. Just missing the mark all over.
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