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  1. LOL, thx for the tip, gonna get a basil first and go to this cave!
  2. The game is so fun to play and u feel so good after getting a good and hard dino, like the first rex or gigas. then u start breeding, and when u get a mut, a color that u want, its so good!!
  3. Today i finally got a crystal wyvern, was waiting for the transfer to be open from lost island. Now im going to breed some dinos and wait for the event to hatch it.
  4. The best way is doing groups, or counting one by one haha.
  5. (Official lost island) Boss fight day, doing some last prep for it!
  6. Nice info!! gonna look for some underwater drops on lost island.
  7. No news yet? Im really waiting for the event!
  8. (lost island) Raising some new gigas/rexes so i can finally kill the boss. Wish me luck
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