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      With the latest server update on PC (v276.493), if you're going to attempt ascension, before doing so please make sure you've opened a supply crate/transmitter/obelisk/ basically anything terminal/tribute inventories. It's a temp workaround to characters being lost when ascending whilst we're investigating character issues further.


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  1. Sorry man, but there were so many people against the wipe(which should have happened) that they changed their minds. The fact that you still have a problem with it even being against the wipe shows something very important. you got what you wanted but now you are still not happy. The devs are going to see that the anti wipers still aren't happy and probably wonder(even though they won't Change their minds) was this actually the right decision? You should be jumping up and down for joy right now. Learn to take a victory man, and not just complain after you got what you wanted. Who cares about trades?
  2. Server Wipe

    I totally get what you are saying and I usually jump on board with anything against officials but I don't think it will be fast. Megas will inevitably go to new servers bu they will not abandon their home server. They will have the lower tier members doing the usual feeding and metal runs while the higher ranks go have fun on the new servers. True megas with he successful because they are close to the yakuza or whatever. some alphas will try but some they aren't as established, I am sure they will get i sided while they are trying to be beta on the new servers. If you are not a mega, don't try to have both, fair warning! funny thing is, the reason why I didn't like ark that much(even though I love it) is the BS politics involved. God the whole government aspect of this game just got old for me. I work for the Government and politics are 💩. I deal with it everyday so I can't do it while I am trying to have fun
  3. Server Wipe

    God, why turn it into an argument? I fully realize that the megas can go to the new servers and just take it over. There is unfortunately nothing that can stop that. Atleast they can't just transfer all their stuff over and within an hour just have control. if they want to go there and start all over from 1 and take it over then fine! That's is what would have happened with the wipe. i would hope that old players would have some respect for the new but hey whatever happens, happens. it still could end up bad
  4. Server Wipe

    Bottom line as far as the wipe goes, my intentions were actually pure. I can still bow out and be fine with the outcome. I actually care about people even though some have thought I didn't. I do respect their decision regardless of what I wanted. I see a good middle ground in the midst. hopefully it works. It was expensive though. @Jeremy Stieglitz I get you man. I was by far the front runner towards the wipe. I wish you luck and you shouldn't feel bad at all about planning on the wipe. The wipe was the best decision but I think in the end you realized that you Gave a definite decision a year ago and you decided to stay loyal to it. I do respect you for that. And hell, sometimes you just gotta keep your word. Word is bond and all that.
  5. Server Wipe

    Might be off topic but this is cool so sue me. green houses are awesome. Wish you could have seen "the farm" my buddy and I had. Mind blowing! Imagine a "mega" base with good defense but vaults filled with every non timer item and atleast 3 fridges full of every timed item. It was a work of art. Even got props from the people that wiped me but of course I responded with something that I couldn't even paraphrase without using all &(@)@)@&(. Lol anyways, all the salt is gone @Mjsechrest. This guy right here. I hated him and his tribe for months because of what they did(little more complicated than just this) but lately I have found we usually agree on stuff a lot on the forums. no more salt guys. I am lying down my sword. It's time to follow suit.
  6. Server Wipe

    No I wasn't saying that. Sorry if there was any confusion. I was saying that anyone on legacy should never be able to transfer to the new servers. Hopefully that cleared it up
  7. Server Wipe

    Thank you for letting me know that. That is awesome news. I have been really busy today(of all days) so I haven't been able to keep up on everything. In that case I wish ark the best of luck and hope they have a very successful future. all I wanted were things to be truly fair and if they keep a complete segregation then I will actually leave a good review for the game, and actually start telling people they should buy ark. I have had a lot of people asking me and you definitely helped my decision on what to say. I love ark as well. I will have to bid it a fond farewell but that is also for personal reasons. hopefully you guys all have fun regardless of the side you are on. I might come here every now and then to see how things are going, I wish no ill will towards anybody. Even you @GP. Still scratching my head on that one. anyways, hopefully you old players will stick to your word like WC did and welcome the new players, I am sure some won't but I would expect the ones that said they would to ring true.
  8. Server Wipe

    Well i got confused by the "go home" statement. Well luckily they can go back and forth in that fashion which is fine. There just still should never be transfers available if that clears things up any?
  9. Server Wipe

    Yeah it was a win for everyone. the only thing is when you talk about fair just like we all have, they already got the no wipe. "Them wanting to go home" is ridiculous. If they want that then they can go back to their old server. Goes right back to the selfish thing. They already got what they wanted and pretty soon they will want what the others have. Makes me sick how selfish these people that play this game are. they should never be allowed to travel between new and legacy
  10. Server Wipe

    I am not going to try and predict what will happen after release. the only thing is in order for this decision to work the new servers need to be permanently segregated. No matter what they will always be 2 years behind so I am just hoping the segregation is a permanent one. Luckily they didn't say anything about them joining together so hopefully it stays that way
  11. Server Wipe

    Sure I wanted the wipe. I was also fine with with segregation of servers. Luckily they didn't say for a month or 6 months. I am hoping it stays a complete segregation indefinitely. after reading the interviews from the media with Jeremy it just seems weird that he told them they didn't have the money to do both, which I figured they didn't, but he still made the last minute decision to not wipe. i am sure most of it was they didn't want the backlash, but I am stuck wondering now if they got bought out will there end up being snail forced pay to win or something. The money has to come from somewhere. Oh well gg guys. we all including myself can walk away winners in this. I am just happy to know that they had been planning on wiping for awhile. Nobody can control last minute snap decisions and as time has shown WC is very good at changing their minds and rushing into things.
  12. Server Wipe

    Well I wouldn't say I was fully wrong lol. Pc gamers interview with Jeremy said he did say they would be wiping low pop servers so the wipe is still happening lol and their decision was to wipe which I was right on but they changed it last minute. I still think they made the wrong choice but oh well, we will just have to see how the release goes down. 200k a month? That's a lot of money. Guess we better hope the whole "anyone that was going to get the game already did" thing isn't true. We still gotta think about refunds as well. but yes I turned out to be wrong because of a last minute change. It is unfortunate but that is the way it is. bow we just gotta hope the dupers can do some damage before wildcard can figure out how to fix it. i am glad they decided to keep the servers segregated though, I really didn't want the tainted stuff on legacy spewing over to the new servers. who knows maybe WC will run out of money, you never know.
  13. Server Wipe

    Ah yep I just saw that. Luckily it was the real Jeremy that liked the other guys wipe question lol
  14. Server Wipe

    Yep I clicked on his name and it took me to the same twitter page that has all his tweets and profile.
  15. Server Wipe

    Looks like Jeremy is still having fun with people on twitter lol i tweeted to him "really hope when you guys give the state of the ark announcement on Wednesday that you finally talk about the wipe. It is time" and just like the other guy, Jeremy liked it. He is either doing some trolling or he is hinting at something. I can't really tell but it is pretty funny and frustrating lol gg Jeremy