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  1. WOW august 8th? That's less than two months. I believe in you guys and I know you can do it, but there will be a lot of people on you guys if somehow the date gets missed. This is an official release date now. Not an ETA. I wish you guys the best of luck.
  2. @Jat did you get the URL for the third interview today? I just came on to check and it looks like they didn't give you guys one yet. Just checking.
  3. Yeah you are probably right. And water world was always an idea I had for them. I would definitely like the whole water world ? idea. It would give us a break from the very boring normal officials that we have now.
  4. @Jat by any chance will any of the 3 interviews chime in on the more controversial issues? I completely understand if not. We don't want the tantrums to flare up. Either way I was just wondering if they were or not, it's cool either way.
  5. I got onto certain servers to reset timers lol. Evidently some people wanted me to leave. I thought it would be better if they spent hours grinding for explosives while I played 7 days to die and call of duty ??. there are ways to make people pay for what they have done. They took away my gaming time but I guess in order to get rid of me they have to spend time away from their families. To each his own I guess ?
  6. Yes we know. And I ended it and agreed with him. I was talking about lag and rubber banding by the way. Just because I said they were more important than the nerf.... ok it's done either way
  7. OMG. Ok like I said 2 updates as well. Isn't there only 8 left? They do 4 an update. Still think the lag and rubber banding is way more important to focus on
  8. Ok so even more reason to get all the Dino's out. Heck I think they should just release the rest of all the is left in this next update. Then fix the lag and rubber banding, then we can worry about flyers. i get that people don't like the nerf, i really do. The thing is though, there might be a lot of people that don't like the nerf, but EVERYONE hates the lag and rubber banding. Everybody always talks about what side has the majority on an issue, well when it comes to lag and rubber banding I would say a 100% dislike is the more important issue. Not just that but those are problems we ha
  9. They promised to give mk2 but as far as mk3 goes I never saw a promise in there. They said they are looking at numbers and listening to people but I wouldn't call that a promise. And once again there are still other things to worry about. I also see fixing lag and rubber banding as wayyy more important than the flyers as well. It's not just pushing out content, flyers just aren't as important as all these other stuff, especially if it is combined
  10. Way more important stuff than mk3 going on. I do understand where you are coming from, however there are a lot more pressing issues at hand that some flyer nerf
  11. Ah man I do feel for you. The only thing is there are a lot of drops on blue on island as well as the ob itself. Not wanting you to feel bad, just wondering why you got the stuff before you got there
  12. I used to be on 813. All I know is the most worthless tribes I have encountered were cartel and da mob lol
  13. Well I won't be on ark today but I have been pretty active on the forums fighting the good fight. My buddy did say that one of our bases got raided on the no tame server, but luckily it wasn't our main one and we still have about 5 others so it's actually not too bad.
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