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  1. Hi all, Ark has a special place in my heart as I'm sure it does for all of you. The topic has been on my mind for a while and I wanted to share my thoughts here and hopefully get support to get this added into ARK II. I enjoy PVP the most, but there's one big problem... It's unbalanced. I think most players will agree with this. What I would wish for is to either completely overhaul the PVP standards in ARK II, or add this as a third mode, perhaps called: PVP Deadzone e.g. Essentially, everything is the same as regular PVP, however similar to GTA V or Escape From Tarkov, you have your own mini Ark that only you can access, in where you can safely store all your resources and creatures. The only way you can die or lose gear is what you bring out to the main map and if you get killed. I think this will encourage a much more balanced and combat focused experience, rather than the current PVP meta of soak turrets with turtle, C4 base, steal all their stuff. Plus it's really brutal and discouraging to be a casual player who loses hours/days/weeks worth of work all in one moment at the hands of a no life Ark PVP sweat. Imagine any other game like COD, GTA, where you can work for months to unlock camos e.g. and someone just took them all. It's too brutal and discourages allot of players from actually enjoying PVP. The mini, personal base Arks could work as follows... A 4x6 Ark at LVL 55 A 6x8 Ark at LVL 65 A 8x10 Ark at LVL 75 A 12x16 Ark at LVL 85 A 18x20 Ark at LVL 95 ...and so on. You can admit other players and tribe members into your personal Ark base, but they can't take or damage anything/one, they can only pickup what you drop if you choose to share with them. Obviously this would be tweaked to suit ARK, but it's just an idea I had that I really hope gets implemented. ARK is amazing game that has so much potential to be even more in ARK II, and I sincerely hope they implement something similar to this so people can have a PVP experience without the brutal risk of losing every single thing they worked for. Stay safe exploring the Ark, -TheRexAdvocate
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