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  1. The show is 5/27 - that is 6 days before the release, not 2 days after...
  2. That Firefly Gasbags fanart had better get put in the game at some point - either a Gen 2 variant or an equipable dino costume.
  3. He's not flying outside the barrier, he's flying in another biome. He flies over a specific coordinate path, and it gets kind of wonky with the separated zones. If he looks like he's beyond the barrier, teleport to the biome on the other side of the barrier and that's where the gifts drop.
  4. The meta is already dominated by gigas. We do not need more ways to buff them. Damage is fine, but another AOE damage buff just makes gigas even more oppressive.
  5. The Yuty already exists for damage buffs (plus imprint bonus, mate boost, etc). We really don't need more damage in the game. Daeodon and Snow Owl exist for healing buffs. The stamina regen is kind of meh, but fear immunity is pretty big when you're running at an enemy with a yuty.
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