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  1. Well, there goes my enjoyment. I'll stick with Gen 2 instead. Makes the map as playable/enjoyable as Prim+
  2. I have this problem on xbox AND ps4, can they be re-enabled?
  3. Hmm. I've been misinterpreting that this whole time then...damn.
  4. I can still hope Vin buying the company could change something...
  5. I still love prim plus even if it's a buggy mess, don't know how often anyone gives a poop about prim plus over at wildcard. But this is asking opinions on prim plus. Bug fixes - literally the biggest single issue is all of the bugs crawling in and on and over this game mode. Saddles - starting with Deins. Custom idea for tropes in CI that just drop grenades like a bomber-run. Andrewsarchus could have a heavy crossbow that could deal higher damage instead of a gattling, etc. All awesome. Gas masks or equivalent - plague masks anyone? Or else remove the toxic gas from some places so we can still run some of the caves Plant Z - because they add utility to combat Paint on structures - because it would make for some stellar possibilities for builds Triangle bases and structures - so I can build my towers in lumber and brick Add all the "primitive" items from all DLCs to all maps in prim plus - adding canoes, loadout mannequins, pressure plates, etc. Would add so much depth and fun and all the interesting placeables Argentavis - allow them to retain the ability to lift wild dinos as they used to The Mailbox - can we have this in the base game please? Or just have it work in prim plus? Leaving notes can be fun. Blunderbuss - because a shotgun of some kind is kind of useful
  6. Obligatory comment "can we get some prim plus work before you drop work on ark 1?" The cosmetics will be nice so we won't have to (as) aggressively grind events for them in all the assorted saves across the family.
  7. PRIM+ BEST ARK 1 GAMEPLAY That being said. if they can get a prim plus variant or game-mode for ark 2 that would make me inordinately happy.
  8. since I cant pin my hopes on PRIM+ getting work, I can hope this gets implemented. aforesaid comments about the fun of farming and cooking and nice buildings and more interesting structures all feed into this too. cause I dont enjoy tek related things. Attn. Devs. WORK ON PRIM+ IF NOT THAT THEN DO THIS SUGGESTION THING. I want to have my dein paddock out by the smokehouse or a kitchen with some character out on a rise on the chalk cliffs. I cant have those the way I want them but this comes close...
  9. Speaking up here, I'd just like to play this solo because Its fun, but I cant even do my favorite map because I cant make Dein saddles. only plus is that Argys can still yoink wild dinos. building pieces are cool, farming focus is cool, the RP has stupendous potential, just the feel of the game seems smoother. I'd be lying if I wasn't imagining Fjorda in prim+ with an andrewsarchus mounting a ballista or light canon instead of a Gatling or using Magmas on lost isle, or... if the devs released a for-pay map exclusively for Prim+ to fund it like someone else was suggesting, I wouldn't just buy it, id be buying FIVE COPIES so my kids and I could all enjoy prim+ on our various platforms. if the devs just took prim+ off the base game and re-offered it for a bit of cash I'd still pay it back. I could do Conan Exiles, I have that too, but thralls don't feel the same as dinos. you cant take a blacksmith and harvest brimstone. there are more fun accessories in Conan, even on console without access to 3rd party mods, but the Prim+ stuff all matches better. my son likes farming, and I like cooking, I like the access to more fun weapons that in standard ark. if they did a kickstarter I'd pay in, I bet you guys would too
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