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  1. Railgun through mesh A tek railgun is amazing, but there’s no way it should be able to shoot through a 3 foundation thick cave and shoot all of our defenses set up inside without ever even trying to come inside. Let railguns stay amazing, but make them reasonable. Make their distance drop with each item they hit, and extra distance drop from going through the mesh.
  2. What’s a DLC dino? have you been to any of the actual clusters? I’m on crossark8 and it’s fun. There is one of every map. Things are pretty laid back on a lot of clusters. Alphas realized if they wipe cluster then it gets boring.
  3. Ummmmmmmmm.... you’re gonna have to do that in real life unfortunately.
  4. There is zero reason not to do this on pvp as well. You could just pick up an allo and drop it in the base and let the allo kill everything. You could pick it up and drop it in the ocean. There’s a thousand ways to kill a dino without it looking like you did it. Heck you can knock it unconscious and feed it a special cake(one guy I knew that did it made it lose 1k heath a cake. He’d just knock out someone’s tame and then Pump it until it’s dead. Going around and gathering all of the artifacts and items to start a boss fight takes way more time than any of these.
  5. Open up clusters to other clusters once a weekend Open up the clusters once a weekend to allow cluster raiding. Or one week every 3-6 months. That would be fun and it would allow clusters to work together occasionally and come back with loot and new breeding lines.
  6. Please make this a thing
  7. Try hazmat suit. 0 damage taken regardless. I take damage with full ascendant ghillie on every time with beehives.
  8. Giant Bee drones to be auto aggressive Bee’s could be theoretically fantastic on base defense, as they run after the riders and will dismount them upon hit. If you had a bee in a box at the top of a cave on aggressive, it would release an endless wave of drones towards enemies. They are easy to kill but Just one hit would dismount the rider. what currently happens is the Bees that come out of the queen are on “attack your target” and have to be whistled to attack every time a new bee comes out. We need an update making the bees have the same attack status as the queen so they can
  9. Giant Bee Turret mode We are attempting to integrate defense bees into our cave entrance to work in conjunction with our tek turrets, Heavy turrets, plant x, velonasaurs, spiders and yuty on turret mode. The bees should spawn from mother bee and then attack the rider and dismount the rider upon contact. However, the bees that come out of queen bee are on “attack your target” only and have to be changed to aggressive on command, even if the queen bee is on aggressive. Because of that, the bees won’t be plausible if we are being offlined. Does anyone know how to change the status so they are o
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