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  1. Yeah still waiting to hear back, no way im doing the bosses again cos if i do and i transfer and lose engrams again, Id be back here again. If they cant add my engrams back then its a refund of the game for me its way too much to expect people to redo every boss and then possibly lose all that work and ridiculous amount of time in a server transfer.
  2. Yeah it does and ive submitted a ticket but who knows how long that will take lol I just wondered if anyone else was having same issues thanks
  3. XBOX Official PVP. Last night I went scouting on other servers when I transferred back to my home server all of my TEK engrams were unlearned? Im level 130 and beaten all bosses except for Alpha Rockwell so im wondering why this happened and how do I get my engrams back? Theres no way im now going to redo all the bosses to get me to this stage again thats way too much work that ive already done on servers that my tribe no longer has bases on too so trawling through facebook posts and then buying slots on these bosses is something im not willing to do it took a long time to get this far as im sure most of you are aware! Anyone else have this problem???
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