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  1. My whole hdd is only 250G, yet I can fit the base game, dlc maps and mods on it. Do a clean install, no mods or DLC maps and see for yourself. Most games are not as big or detailed as Ark, but those that are similar are of similar size Conan for example has a similar size to the base game If you have Ark taking up more room check your mods directory. Some of them get huge.
  2. Ark isn't that large, ~80ish gig. The DLC maps are what takes up so much room. Just turn off the ones you are not playing in steam and you can install. If you spent $5k and can't run Ark on you wasted your money. I play on much less hardware, and even on streaming services and don't have any problems.
  3. It wasn't nearly as bad as you make it out. Sure there were some initial issues but it was completely playable, especially depending on where you built. Plenty of people are excited for new content and are NOT AFFECTED by the current issues. Some of us DON"T CARE about the official servers because we run our own, and police them way better than WC. In fact most of the Ark community is on unofficial servers and more specifically PVE unofficial servers. The balance/issues you are discussing are largely unnoticed for the majority of the players. I would much prefer that they work on d
  4. WildCard spent 5 months working on it with the mod dev. If you had played the Mod version you could tell the difference. The mod was really rough and the official version is much smoother.
  5. Its a game streaming service. (shadow.tech) The best way to think of it is as a gaming PC in the cloud. I have been playing ARK for a couple of years now using either GForce Now or Shadow and it works really good.
  6. Speaking as a big console gamer, it's probably better to invest in a gaming PC, or a service like Shadow. Console games are not known for great mod support since mods are 1) third party and 2) would have to go through the console certification process.
  7. Or just tame some hespornis, no wyverns required. Or mutton tame them. Kibble isn’t required to get a griffin that is good enough to get eggs easy.
  8. Will we need to use a command to spawn the colored dinos on unofficial servers?
  9. #2 is coming in Extinction with the cryochamber. Jen talked about it in the livestream. As long as you keep it powered the dino's don't degrade.
  10. The point of the mod program is to get high quality mods for Ark. They *pay* the sponsored mod authors to develop the mods as long as they are working on it and they are hitting their goals. Its always been about a partnership with the modders. They talk about it in the announcement. I know its not what the people on console want to hear, but the mods have always been a huge part of Ark. They are not going to abandon such a large part of the community just because some platforms don't support mods. Unfortunately, that's a thing with consoles, and has been since I have been gaming.
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