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  1. will we get a answer on this?
  2. Hey Guys, we have started a new server on Ragnorak map server name - Aardvark [EU] Xbox and Win10 Crossplay Enabled!!! we have kept settings pretty much standard and boosted certain setting like taming, harvesting, level, egg hatching and baby maturing. these are not boosted by much just mostly x2 on them. we do no want to make it too easy as takes the fun out the game.. come and join our new server and help us grow our community. we will be doing events as it grows. i will add further player count to the server is it grows and will listen to feedback from people joi
  3. Oh really?im hoping we get an answer for flyer speed on console.. as just takes way too long to get around.
  4. Yep that’s a good point...
  5. Hey guys, I know with today’s update pc servers get to enable flyer speed which I am happy for you guys. I’ve been wishing this update would come out again one day and it finally did but it’s only on pc? I play Xbox and rent a server and my question is how come we do not have flyer speed levelling on console? Or will we ever get it? I don’t understand why it’s only on pc how is that ok!
  6. this only on PC? if so that blows... ive been wanting this back since it left on xbox, was hoping we would be able to implement this on our server!
  7. have now changed this to the center.
  8. NEW PVP Server **RAGNORAK** Hello everyone, NEW SERVER: [EU] GoT Server We have recently started up a new player dedicated server which hopefully will grow to a good community (we are hoping) at the moment we have restricted slots on amount of people allowed online at once and will up this as player count ups. We do have this PvP however there will be 2 rules when raiding. 1) Do not wipe a tribe! In other words, raid them take what you need but do not go out your way to destroy every structure…. 2) Kill tames yes but just like the above do not go through killing
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