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  1. Hi guys, I have been trying to get into a tribe so I can play without being raided every week or so however not getting much response I see other people having the same problem I understand the bigger tribes don’t want to just allow anyone In as they could be spy’s for a raid etc but that doesn’t help me or many others so potentially I could start my own tribe will be pvp Xbox official and I may give you a list of maybe 5 things I want you to bring me to make sure you can play the game and aren’t just coming to find where we are and raid etc if there’s enough interest I will look at this until then I will play solo or I have a second that’s well advanced into the game let me know on here or message me franzmann666
  2. Hi I would like to join if possible I have experience can farm materials build things craft things tame creatures etc if you can help let me know thanks franzmann666
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