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  1. how about you fix all the bugs first on regular game before adding something new. Let's just double more issues for people
  2. I don't lay blame on Ragnarock I blame majority issues on the lack of support we players are getting. We moved from legeacy so we wouldn't hear sorry this is beta nothing we can do. Now game is officially released we get the same copy and pasted response.
  3. I love ragnarock i think it is amazing map and can tell the makers took alot of time and I do my research as well , I have stated months ago when cross overs came out there would be problems attributed with it. I am stating that it is more heard of from experience that since ragnarock there has been more issues of dinos being stuck missing and people losing characters coming to and from. As well saying these issues will follow through to the new dlc map. People will race to piller and the dupers will come since its a new map and new dinos. Cut the dupers etc off now then you wont have a problem find a solution about pillering etc. have a good day. Btw I do read forums everyday, watch twitter etc yes maybe these issues werent being said public and yes maybe it has been going on long ago. if thats the case my apologies.
  4. I do however think its a poopmove not to replace people losing characters now when it is not there fault.
  5. You heard the odd one being lost not like they are being lost now, that is why many people have asked that arenas be expanded to include brood and ape. Every character I have lost is between Ragnarock and SE . Ragnarock and Island, alot have lost from going to and from se but the people I know is from ragnarock. All of this could be easily avoided if they added new arenas into these maps and people wouldn't have to tp. Just like duping it happened you heard of it but nothing like it is now. The timers just give them extra help and time to get ready to dupe our server has gone down 12 times and its always when certain tribes are on. Make a story short the same issues you are having now will happen with the new dlc if something is not done , if devs donot enforce there own rules. I came and started when this game came out and we had issues but nothing compared to what we have now, players know and exploit that. Ark is amazing game and very addictive . But truthfully i heard only one case before they they allowed cross overs of one person losing there character. Done arguing and debating for today:P
  6. oh and until ragnarock there was hardly duping and people did not lose characters if anything and we tested this, the timers just make things worse gives the dupers time to get everything set.(ban the dupers and ban the cheaters).
  7. yes you did read what you posted .............. There was plenty of this going on before Ragnarok became an official mod. Not sure where you've been all this time? You just said it and my response is thats a pretty poop move releasing something knowing full well these issues were going on . Most of these forum topics are because of these issues .Not trying to be a bitch (sorry real female) but if they knew then why release the game officially? It is too early to debate and i did not mis-interpret. I understand there are millions of lines of code and things happen , you can't solve all the bugs and issues. But some of these issues have been two years, infact 2 years there was not even close to fixing bugs as they have done in past 3 months it was just releasing new content new dinos over and over hardly fixing any issues. The new dlc will have same issues because they haven't fixed the problems. New dlc will be piller wars right away blocking oblesks and tribes trying to be the alpha. Then you should have said we have had these issues long before ragnarock was released.. debate over not looking to argue just stating a point .
  8. Ok then if this was going on then can you explain then why it was officially released? If a car has mechanical problems and the makers know they wont release that car till it was fixed. You basically just said that ark knew all these bugs and still released a the addon, no offense to you thats a really crappy move no wonder forums are full and people are mad. They stopped replacing characters that are lost etc they implemented timers cause of the duping so we have been going through hell when they knew of this long ago, all i can say is wow......... and thanks for the link for the ragnarock bugs forum.
  9. Not to be argumentative if that is the case then why do devs implement things such as timers etc due to the issues coming from ragnarock. Until ragnarock there werent cases or as many cases people losing characters, there was hardly such thing as duping , dinos being stuck or lost the list can go on. There is no place to ask the developers to fix there mistakes if there is where do we post. Litle by little being dev told are not responsible for things then who is . Tons of issues some dating back 2 years not even fixed ,rather then fix and move on we just add more.
  10. no offense but I will probably get a warning for this but you are wrong you keep stating people are spreading rumors etc some of us watch twitch we watch twitter many of us follow this game like the news, people can be wrong but every time someone says something you don't like you basically are calling them a liar. If they have proof etc then they are not lieing. Many times we have been lead to believe things that were not true or did not happen. 1) bridges told over and over again would happen ( they removed this.) 2) each time a dlc is said to be released hey good news it will be out next month (3 months later it is). 3). Bugs fixed example dinos spawning in base, gps glitch (still happening. 4) eggs falling through floors (still happens). 5) Legacy would have support (didn't happen ). 6) Servers would be added due to demand ( Ragnarock most popular server how many new official were released? Instead they released more scorched earth and why because se has less bugs. Shall I go on how many times we have been told something that has not been the truth or if anything someone says something true but is negative those players have the thread removed or some get banned. MIstakes happen , somethings are not avoidable why not just say hey have problems here we go. Many of us may agree we may disagree we are all entitled to our opinions. If devs listened to the players more or if they were honest about a bug they can't fix right away you wouldn't have as many pissed off people.
  11. This is official servers this is going on. So many people buying the game and it sucks having to tell them sorry we are at limit, sorry all spots taken etc. Not everyone want's to play on unofficial and second everyone knows legacy will all end soon.
  12. actually when asked during event on twitch a couple people asked when it was coming out and was said soon this isn't putting word in there mouths as well they stated new dlc was going to be in october thank you. (example same thing when they stated bridges were coming out people were told to wait and wait, they just removed it instead). ps. forgot they also stated that legacy would receive support and last minute it changed to no support. As a customer/player I am just asking for a truthful answer and yes things can change in the game but some of those changes have huge consequences.
  13. How about we also deal with the issues of lack of new servers , people buying the game cannot place buildings or tame or breed. You have tribes coming onto servers and using peoples servers as holding pens and whats worse is you are doing nothing at all people cheating and people who are blocking oblesks. Over 40 tickets have been sent in for pve island 207 and nothing has been done at all. Oblesks are being blocked by certain tribes who have placed pillers on half the map so noone can do anything and yet every ticket sent same copied and paste answer so why have rules at all? Its not turrets causing the great amount of lag its the tribes who have 20 + brontos have you ever wondered why they have that many brontos and why your servers crash all the time? Then you have a problem with duping 1+1=2 . Time and time again this has been brought up and each time you remove the threads about anyone posting anything negative. Pve and pvp is quite differn't. If you look on pve we have the same issues as pvp and we dont have turrets . Now every oblesk is blocked by certain tribes you will be adding in new dl and run into the same problem again and again unless you enforce the rules you have stated are in the game. People see that wild card is not enforcing anything and its a joke to them. Try fixing the problems you have going on now as you keep losing legit and hard working players or is that the goal? ........ Wer have asked time and time again check out these servers and same thing over and over and people glitching ice queen over and over so now 8 weeks since this is reported and not even looked into. So why have rules? why have devs and why offer support that is why 95% of the people came to the new servers for new dlc and in hope for support. Sorry just don't get it you brag about listening to the players seems that its selective.............................. btw where is s+ they stated during the stream for donations saying it would be out soon? as well as being said during pax event. We are almost december. Amazing game going down the hole,..........
  14. is this still going till friday? hearing so many rumors they posted it would be done on the 20th so alot of us stopped breeding.
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