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  1. first condolences to Tony “Thick44” Schnur. and his family. second what is with all the banning of these random words like lol and raw? just seems weird that it's getting harder and harder to search for things in the game now.
  2. 1. ppl do care about SOTF, 2. i can almost promise that ark 2 is gonna be pushed back again. 3. they have released trailers for ark 2. 4. no need to be rude.
  3. hate to break it to everyone but they're gonna push it back again. that's why we're not getting any new info.
  4. it would be nice if ya'll did something about these guys that are going around stealing ppl's tribes by pretending to do boss fights, and pretending to send ally request when they're really sending merging invites. these guys are hurting ppl and your GMs could care less.
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