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  1. Hi Trenrifus. I really really like your picture. Congrats on winning the day twice back in 2016. 

  2. I cannot begin to describe how pleased I am with being mentioned in the Community Crunch #49! I would like to thank the people who have assisted me on my journey, you know who you are. I will be writing a poem this very day in appreciation for being mentioned.
  3. Trentifus


    I love it @Fin! Well done!
  4. Trentifus


    Haha, cheers mate! Keep up the good work, I'm curious to see that you have in store next
  5. Trentifus


    Do i get an award sir? Very well done too!
  6. Hey @Rippy,

    Cant see your about me, whats up with that?

  7. Trentifus


    Lol, is this a Breaking Bad recreation?
  8. Trentifus

    Redwood Biome

    Wonderful picture! I cant wait to explore the Redwood forest, those trees look massive in comparisson to that Dinosaur! Have you had a chance to view my poems? I can feel the creative juices flowing at the sight of this picture! @Jat
  9. Holy cow, did you know that our birthdays were only a little over a month apart! I am older though by just a lil' bit, as you could probably tell LOLLLLLLL

  10. I'll get back to you later on that one @Rippy. I plan on taming on this evening and will take a few flyers with me to test it out.
  11. Hi @Rippy, From what I understand, the Arthopleura can be found around surface caves and are best taken down using a ranged method. They feed on rotten meat.
  12. Trentifus


    What is going on there! Its like the Human Reindeer...
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