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  1. (Steam Question) Do I need to uninstall my current version of ARK on my PC and reinstall it to get the Windows 10 optimizations?
  2. I submitted a ticket about my character being bugged and I can't seem to be able to find any trace of my ticket, or previously resolved tickets, and I am unable to create a new request. Help plez?
  3. I love this so much! I just already own it on steam and really really want the merch.... Maybe my Gamestop can do something special for me?
  4. I would love to buy some of this mech that is in the collectors edition, but I don't intend to play it on xbox or ps4 since I already own it on Steam. So...
  5. Is there a place that I can post ideas where there is decent traffic? I created a thread a while ago with a collection of ideas I had focusing around a frozen tundra map design, but I am not sure if it had been seen by very many people. Do you have any tips on reaching a larger crowd within the Ark community?
  6. Once you get to the point of 1.0, will you be optimizing the game in a way that'll reduce the overall file size? The 80 some odd gigs that Ark takes up is pretty huge.
  7. I really love the Community Crunches. It's cool to see people's designs and ideas!
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