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  1. Only good fix that work for me now is puting the server in a DMZ.
  2. My personal server is on win 10 as well and i was having this issue for a while. The only permenant fix i find is puting the server in a dmz since then i never got any problem.
  3. Just upload what you want from your non dedicated and allow tranfer on your dedicated server. But i sugest you to put it back off once you finish to prevent other player from taking their lvl 100000000 gigas from their single player save.
  4. 24/7 PVE Map: Ragnarok XP x3 T x4 R x3 baby beeding x5 Add GT: ARKSERVERQC420 , If you add me let me 1h to add you back if i dont ,just msg me il add you as soon as i can. Owner GT: xXJesXxJA Hope we see you!!