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  1. Thanks for all the advice and help, i play on extinction so i aimed to get highish health with 850+ DMG for purple orbitals. Lost so many Gigas because they were just too weak, even saddled up they managed to die.
  2. Hey Guys, So i recently got into breeding, currently working on an army of shadowmanes and Tek rexs for boss fights. my tex rexs have turned out near enough perfect, 1.1k dmg and 33k health, however im struggling with Gigas, when you place the egg in incubator what am i looking for, also how do you calculate the numbers? like what does 133 represent in melee dmg?
  3. i went to Gen 1 for the first time yesterday, tried to get magma egg, lost two gigas. that was fun! but that being said i found Gen 1 really fun and was quite the experience. Might try going back to Gen 1 and trying to get a Magma egg during the valentines event.
  4. Sweet! i'll check it out, need to hunt down an ascendant giga saddle now as well, but first the rex is the most important for me and my partner.
  5. Started to breed my tek rex, now on the hunt for a rex saddle, wheres the best place to find one?! currently playing on extinction but happy to travel.
  6. its good to just go to the wastelands area and kill stuff just need to watch out for corrupted gigas, i follow the red line.
  7. thanks! im playing on official server and have a gacha running currently
  8. oh damn, yeah so something i wouldnt manage for a while
  9. or are you on a cross play trying to go regular? i dont think you can switch over
  10. haha would be damn nice to tame an alpha, is it true you can tame a titan?
  11. Can you explain how you would make a farm for this?
  12. is the long neck usually the best way to try knock something out?
  13. I attempted a purple with 7 Gigas all with mastercraft or higher saddles and i ended up glitching through the floor, long story short ended up losing all my gigas + snow owl hopefully will be able to attempt it again soon! might try it with a forcefield this time
  14. Hey Guys! I'm fairly new to ARK, been trying to get into the game more and more and so far im loving it! minus the odd tp wiping me out. We currently play on 1075, feel free to come in and say hey! Currently looking for things to breed and tame, got this sudden urge to do more than just build a base and get the basic tames going. What would everyone say is their top 10 Tames to go for?! and what will you be hunting this valentines.
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