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  1. can we get a shirt skin for a event some time that just has over 9000 on it please
  2. will the ark tv serise only cover the island event or will season down the line go into All the dlcs from befor the player got to them
  3. anyone have a link to where it be live stream i cant find anything on youtube twitch twitter the main ark page. id like to get in to the stream early but idk where to watch it
  4. can we get a char tlc update. new faces and tone of new hair styals and maybe a few diffrent voice for the char let us pic beween 3-5 voice m and f
  5. the tlc we been waiting for all year is only 2 dino....only 2 come wc that such a copout. it should be 5-7 min i bet there dino no one use or will care about eather and the update wont change it
  6. What if for the PVE verson it can.shot trank dart like a minnigun
  7. Letting us use tek transmits to do boss fight would help a lot to many twin leave there dino at the obelisk somothers ilcant use them.or they build massive base blocking paths to get to the oblisk
  8. I feel the older.maps should be wipe like island center so most of.the people just use the. For storage new player cant real.get.on them.no real.place to build and it make.new.people.to.ark.kinda go.f this game becose they cant get into the older.maps. this.is especially especially the case on pve and the.server bee .soo over taxed they lag none.stop crash all.the time.and people.are.loseing char from it
  9. PVE should have different setups and abilities than PVP example PVE should have classic Flyers enabled so that you can put points into speed weapons and items that were designed more for PVE perhaps should be rebalanced on the PVE servers to fit fighting PVE..so many.of the new.dino.or tek we get seem.and feel pvp.focus and us pve player kinda feel like we.geting.jept
  10. Center map tlc It would be nice.if the center map.got a huge update. Ideas that I had would be 1. The the center underground tuen into a hybrid ab like zone none of the creatures from aberration in there but the plants rocks some resources as well as some scorched-earth scorched Earth Resources and maybe adding some not a lot but just a few small element nodes kind of like on the volcano from Genesis and not a whole lot of them but just a few so players here can maybe get like a total of twenty or Thirty element per run in there without having to grind bosses . 2. Add a boss sys
  11. they should do a event like with life one they do. community donate x amount and rate gop up x amout. make it amoth long event. all money gos to hospital or reacher on a cure to the virus. that could be cool
  12. I long in , the server select screen show my server 583 with a 50-80ping.(depending on the time of day) I join and soon as im in it say I have beween 255-355 ping for 2 week now. it unplayable. talk 1 step and it like watching a moive with nothing but jumpcuts.. idk if it people using vpn's or just to many people ( the need to lower the player slot to 40-50 instead of 70) or if some one is throting back the server compasy something need to be done
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