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  1. is it a tek saddle it look like it a tek sub attach to the dino and it look to be shoting a torpeedo. it would be intetsting if it was a tek saddle/struction you could only get if beating the center verson of the b osses
  2. can you add and and larger cherry blosem bio to maps. and crystal iss make that one much larger. pelase i love that bio and there so rear and smalli know it to late now b ut it be cool if the center haf the redwood bio was cheryblosm bio
  3. iv yet to find a chainsaw bp at all i been grindin red drop and cave drop every day for hours a day nothing
  4. id ilike to see a water dino get a note sniff abily like the wolf to help find the water note wiht out having to look them up or watch a vido to find them. and maybe it can doulbe to point out where there migght be a deepsea crate not buff it just help find one
  5. please add more meglosaur to island caves and make hgihter level a bit more common i never see anything over 80. please make chainsaw bp easyer to find on se. iv been grinind the cave sence day 2 and iv yet to find one from any drop even red cave ones.
  6. a new tek gun a tek shotgun 2 or 3 barrow can hold 16 ammo at a time short range tho start at a bout the damg of a 450% pump shot can find bp for up to 500% exta each shot tho take5 elm as a single bullet. can be put into 3 mode 1single shot double shot aor all 3 barrow shot. slow reload
  7. why is it i cant accuse the tek note on the island in asa even if i go up to them thney stay close with ???? on them. how do u clame htem so u can get all the notes
  8. how do loot crate wrok . is the loot inside determed as soon as the crate spawn or is it like a idk slot mechean where what could be inside is spining/changing to you tell it to open then it just stop and spawn what ever it was on when you hit open. been after a tickel chicken the theno sad bp on island for a week and no luck loging in every hour to try again iin the snow cave at the baclk of it at the two red drop location for a week not leaving the cave and had no luck.. trying to see if there a way to incress my odd of geting it and how the system works
  9. iv been looking for a chainsaw bp sopmthing better hten prim not seen a single one senc se came out
  10. iv been finding them but uber rear in like 3 or 4 days i think i seen 3 and there like level 20 they need a rrate incress
  11. the 1st few note i got had the voice over but then the next day all the notes no longer have voice over even the ones i had befor that had it. is there a seting i missed up i try restoring defult on everthing and it didnt work. is it disable or somthing atm.
  12. so will the ark ult verson only be for switch will the new cut seens/map ending and the expoloren note va come to pc too??
  13. i kinda feel let down by the amount of dinos in gen2 the map is so big i feel like the could fit almost all of them from all the maps in. i would love to more added later on just import them from the other maps
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