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  1. I'm looking to gather a few people together for the mew DLC map that releases on June 12. It's a free to download but you can't transfer any items over just your character so it can give everyone a fresh start. Please have a functional mic and also be mature. You should also have a small tribes character made at a decent level. Feel free to contact my psn axeldoom05 for additional details and thank you.
  2. Greetings survivors, I'm looking for players of all experience to join me in Arkpocalypse. Arkpocalypse is a server that wipes every month on a Friday at 1pm eastern time.This means every month we will get a fresh start to grind our way to the top tribe ranks of attempting to be the alpha. My goal isnt to become alpha per se but to enjoy the rush of competition when we are all starting from scratch. Pvp and raiding will be the main focus but of course still some grinding. Currently I have two people including myself and we need others to join us on this journey. The wipe is this Friday April 22 so please contact asap PSN Axeldoom05 for questions and concerns thanks.
  3. Greetings survivors, currently my tribe is a duo atm with a splash of people who are either not active or haven't committed to the official lifestyle. We are small tribes which limits up to 6 people in a tribe. This can make our tribe spots precious. Too many times an non active player is taking a up spot and unfortunately requires a 24hours cooldown to invite someone new after removing a member. Please note that official is a grind and isn't for every one. We are looking for mature and experienced player's. If interested please contact me Psn Axeldoom05. Thanks for taking a look and hope to see you out there survivors.
  4. Hey everyone I got in contact with Mrlulz and he is taking a break from offical and is playing on a private server. Please feel free to message me Psn Axeldoom05 for small tribes offical.
  5. Greetings Lisa my tribe is recruiting for nee members Psn is Axeldoom05 i sent you a friend request
  6. Greetings survivors, we had four people but lost two of them due to irl events and now we looking to fill small tribe slots. Please be somewhat experienced and willing to grind. We recently got wiped so we are rebuilding atm. We our located on Crystal Isles and unfortunately not able to join any map that's not the free included maps. Also working microphone is a must due to the need of voice communication. Please contact me through Psn account Axeldoom05.
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