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  1. No complaints other than bugs or things not working as intended but that is to be expected. Oh and the Fenrir requirements and non breedable. Exceeded expectations and made the map better than the mod imo which is a stark contrast compared to the other mod maps they released officially (looking at you Crystal Isles)
  2. I tried filling my canteen over some rivers and it won't add water to them. When trying to place pipes the intakes aren't buildable on said rivers. So far I found this issue with the rivers around 30 40. The one next to Helms keep and the village nearby.
  3. Like I said, Wyverns wandering far off from the nests has always been a behavior since their release, and likely either intentional or just a leftover feature from the Wyv on Scorched as the Wyv there do wander around the map. On other maps this only happens more often on pve/pvp as players will tend to lure Wyverns out of the trench accidentally due to stealing their eggs.
  4. I'm sure others would like to know. How do we survive there? How much fortitude, quality of fur, and how much melee on an Otter would suffice?
  5. Pro tip: Don't build bases near Wyverns. Thought this was common sense by now. Wyverns have always wandered off in a random direction if they are out of render from the nests and nothing to attack.
  6. So here is all the information I have gathered about the taming mechanics for the Fjordhawk that are noteworthy. Taming % raises if you are not mounted. You can still kill things with a tame but you must be not mounted before the hawk starts feeding. If the fjordhawk is following you while you are on foot if you get on a tame the Hawk will fly away in a random direction until out of render distance.
  7. Can you clarify the intended way for the Fjordhawk's taming progress to raise? It's hard to tell if there is an issue or it's intended.
  8. The Dwarven Stairs at 9.00 67.00, I assume it's an artifact cave cuz if memory serves me there was one in the mod. Outside of the entrance is buildable on and saw it completely blocked off with a tall structure
  9. It seems to only raise % when you are not on a mount, but you can still kill things with your dino. So when you see it landing and walking to the corpse hop off your mount and get back on when it flies up.
  10. It's aweful on PVE too. Why the hell is an artifact room buildable on official?
  11. Seems to not be on Single Player consoles, I'm on Xbox and I'm not getting the radial wheel and I held down all buttons. But on single player PC and online pve/pvp you can on console. Seems like a bug.
  12. @Evza Will this be updated for single player too? Avoiding playing now in case this update causes sp data to auto delete.
  13. Seems intentional as it makes sense kinda. Just make sure to bring everything you need and extra to avoid situations like that.
  14. It's like this on The Center too. If you're just trying to get around use a canoe, otherwise you'll just have to be in orbit or 3rd person and check underwater constantly.
  15. Redwoods on Lost Island and Crystal Isles. On top of many bushes there are also the Aberrant mushrooms, Ascerbic ones are the same thing as Narcoberries. LI is better though as it also has the trippy shrooms that yield Bio Toxin as well. Literally knock out drug heaven. Go there with a Paracer or Iguanodon, not sure if Bronto can harvest the Bio Toxin.
  16. I haven't seen anywhere about the tek suit disappearance upon transfer but seems you know about it, glad to know it's a console bug as I am on xbox. Besides that I haven't a clue how to avoid this issue you are having with unable to transfer with them but it's likely a bug from the recent update, should be fixed very soon.
  17. Whenever you go out of render with max thrusters on you get kicked off the mount. Is there anyway to avoid this?
  18. At first I didn't think much of the andrew but seeing the spotlight of it I like it looks cool and might be good for pvp
  19. Just wanted to share this awesome use for the surveillance console that I just realized. Setting up cameras on the mountains on both sides allows you to see most of the area and see the supply drops so u can easily find out what the color is without leaving your base. It's especially useful for those ocean bases in the middle of the map.
  20. Shadowmanes are still top tier and great boss dinos, they just aren't as overpowered anymore which really isn't saying much. So yeah they are still the bees knees.
  21. If I had a dollar for every banter by some thin skinned bloke about the game getting stale because of a key component to the storyline and quality of life I'd have a million bucks. At this point it's pretty much an echo chamber. Maybe in the eyes of a try-hard pvper I can kinda see where they are coming from, but alot of pvpers still come back to the game and appreciate even the smallest of changes despite all it's problem, but generally everyone who can actually enjoy the game can all agree Ark would be so dull without actual enhancements to gameplay and story without Edmundium. I bet dollars to donuts you're gonna regret bringing this topic up and go back to playing Ark for 6 hours a day.
  22. "Most people" I'd like to see some kind of graph or data of every country with internet, cuz while "alot of people" do use it I think that's quite the exaggeration. But that's besides the point, I see no difference writing and posting on twitter or this website, except that the post can be archived, or rather formal. I mean this shouldn't be a hassle other gaming companies don't JUST put out important information on Twitter.
  23. I know we were given a heads up on the big patch days prior, but it would be nice to notify us at least 6 hours in advance or hold off the update for a day on this website and not 1 hr before it drops only on twitter, which not everybody uses. I was lucky to be in game when the 15 min notice popped up to hastily pod all my growing animals.
  24. None of the stats increase harvest yield, it's set to always gather the same amount which is less than any other creature that already has a bonus yield.
  25. The Crystal cave on Rag I mentioned. I'm not sure if you can fit it in the ice caves but the canyon cave has 2 large entrances I know for a fact. Put a Tele near either entrance.
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