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  1. I just use a Gacha tower for 2 pairs of them and 12 Owls above them on opposite ends, turn lots of berries into seeds with an Iguanodon and fill their inventory with seeds until they black box. Works great for me who doesn't like maintaining the food and whatnot, my tribemate loves this set up.
  2. So after spending about a day's worth and exploring this realm it is still a challenge to stay alive there. It's coldest on the ground so floor is lava kinda thing and at night it gets extremely cold, but that's to be expected, prepare a wooden hut and fireplace for those cold nights. With 20 fortitude, primitive fur, fria curry and an otter with 300+ melee is sufficient enough to be at least snowflake during the day. But seriously though shelter yourself at night especially while you are waiting for things to tame, stay safe.
  3. Love the art showcase, Snow Owl and Argy together is cute. Thank you WC for the summer event I'm having a blast with taming again.
  4. Dang. I was hoping for a better cold experience than Gen 1's but it seems no different in terms of difficulty, but I do like this snow realm more. Lore wise it should definitely be quite frigid.
  5. Yea no thank you. Good on the team to support it but politics have no business to be even brought up by a gaming company for multiple reasons, and I for one am trying to actively avoid any talk about it. The last thing I want to see from my favorite game is a divide from the community. Really upset with the things Syntac said on twitter and kinda lost respect for him, I wish I didn't see that and had WC not brought it up everything would continue on as normal and I'd still like Syntac.
  6. I'm not one to be bothered by anything political but I feel like bringing up such sensitive topics by a gaming company is a big no-no.
  7. No complaints other than bugs or things not working as intended but that is to be expected. Oh and the Fenrir requirements and non breedable. Exceeded expectations and made the map better than the mod imo which is a stark contrast compared to the other mod maps they released officially (looking at you Crystal Isles)
  8. I tried filling my canteen over some rivers and it won't add water to them. When trying to place pipes the intakes aren't buildable on said rivers. So far I found this issue with the rivers around 30 40. The one next to Helms keep and the village nearby.
  9. Like I said, Wyverns wandering far off from the nests has always been a behavior since their release, and likely either intentional or just a leftover feature from the Wyv on Scorched as the Wyv there do wander around the map. On other maps this only happens more often on pve/pvp as players will tend to lure Wyverns out of the trench accidentally due to stealing their eggs.
  10. I'm sure others would like to know. How do we survive there? How much fortitude, quality of fur, and how much melee on an Otter would suffice?
  11. Pro tip: Don't build bases near Wyverns. Thought this was common sense by now. Wyverns have always wandered off in a random direction if they are out of render from the nests and nothing to attack.
  12. So here is all the information I have gathered about the taming mechanics for the Fjordhawk that are noteworthy. Taming % raises if you are not mounted. You can still kill things with a tame but you must be not mounted before the hawk starts feeding. If the fjordhawk is following you while you are on foot if you get on a tame the Hawk will fly away in a random direction until out of render distance.
  13. Can you clarify the intended way for the Fjordhawk's taming progress to raise? It's hard to tell if there is an issue or it's intended.
  14. The Dwarven Stairs at 9.00 67.00, I assume it's an artifact cave cuz if memory serves me there was one in the mod. Outside of the entrance is buildable on and saw it completely blocked off with a tall structure
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