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  1. You people are funny, complaining about the evo event. Sure, it is an odd one, but would you be happier to get nothing at all?
  2. I say nay to the specialty servers, just bring SOTF back!!!!!! It would be wise to relaunch SOTF now while the battle royale hype is high!!!!
  3. So will this coming update address the difficulty and sometimes impossibility of harvesting certain nodes with an anky? I see a couple notes that may relate to this, but not directly mentioning this issue specifically.
  4. I wouldn't mind an Ark 2 long down the line, but perhaps as a more traditional mmo spinoff or something. I would like to see SotF make a comebsck before that though. An Ark RTS would be totally awesome as well.
  5. bump.... waiting for the pve legacy saves as well
  6. I know someone with a daeodon named "Amy Swinehouse" Myself, I like to name my Dung Beetles after cereal brands gone wrong..... Poot Loops, Apple Craps, Craptain Munch, Reeces Feces, Frosted Mini-Excretes, and so forth.
  7. It is actually BabyMatureSpeedMultiplier, and setting it higher than 1 will decrease the time it takes for it to mature. FuelConsumptionMultiplier is the same way, if you want gas and such to last longer, increase it.
  8. I am hearing there are only 3 NA-PVE servers for ragnarok???
  9. Thats what I was thinking. Maybe bola it, slap a narrow fence down with a peek hole at the sides, de-aggro it and try taming it that way. Use cactus broth too?
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