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  1. CARNO The carno the most useless carnivore.my first idea for it is to have a roar that will stun nearby fliers. My second idea for this underrated carnivore is to have extra armor so this will be our first carnivore that is a tank. Finally I think if it stood in an area for too long it will camouflage with the surroundings behind it. It will also have a weight reduction to metal,stone, and wood. These new abilities will make it actually useful to tame. ARANEO The absolute most useless tame is the araneo it is so useless there is no reason to tame it. First it should be a little taller so I think we should bump it up to the parasaur. Secondly it should shoot a web that is like a net gun but it only lasts 45 seconds. Thirdly it should be able to climb walls and the rider will have spider armor around it so it cannot be shot. Finally it should be able to spin the rider,small dinos, or enemy players in a web and launch them to a mountain,cave, or tree. That is all my ideas for the araneo I think this will really put this back on people's tame list. I hope these we'll be the dinos that will get a tlc thank you for your time:)
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