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  1. Could be worse tho, they could block every known drop location. I don't pretend I know how to play pvp and tell you how to play, but the island is the worst possible location to start on, I wouldn't stick to that map once I do my noterun. The always safe option is to get started on valguero, catching a quetz, crafting everything needed for a sky quetz base, transfer to rag or crystal isles and build it there. The skybox is ridiculous on those maps. The center maps are always dominated by tribes, but sometimes you can find good loot on them, capped flak, tek suits, dinos, bullets and batteries for turrets, full kits and so. You can't change the way Official is, they're just kids playing on their private playground. You're late to the party, you don't party, but you can still play pretty much unmolested if you know what to do. Hope you find your way out, as I did.
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