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  1. Still waiting for the expected response saying I'm wrong because of ........ , seems the silence is deafening. Have you also noticed the people on YouTube that post these how to videos and gameplay ones don't have maps where single pillars are littering all over the place so they obviously aren't recorded on the official servers, probably their own private ones like we have. I've been back to my own Ragnorok map and definately don't have any issues, our Lost Island runs fantastic with no glitches, freezes or crashes but then again there are only 7 of us on them and we know each other and have done for some time so with 10 licences we can always get on the maps. I actually did the three bosses solo last week one after the other on Ragnorok and plan to do the Lost Island bosses sometime this week and all 3 Alphas next week. Only issue I had was going into the Gamma boss my Yuti got trapped between the arena furniture and my tames and the Dragon killed me with his fire breath which was my fault.
  2. Might be a suggestion to try replacing your network card or if its an onboard network port buying a separate card and trying that, just because hardware 'worked' 4 or more months ago doesn't mean to say it will still work now. It could be your network cable, modem or router that developed a fault. Other sure fire way to discover if its you or your hardware is if you know someone who plays ARK and can log on and start the game on their PC ok then its a hardware issue, else its an in game character issue if you still have a problem.
  3. My suggestion is to remove all the mods and look at the stats then add them one at a time testing again until the meat harvest goes through the roof, that is the ONLY way you can find out which mod is causing this to happen and then address the issue, else its a finger in the air job and take a guess.
  4. You could always use a mutator and use 10 element if you are on a modded server, that takes the chance out of getting a mutation every time plus if its a female that's got the mutation stats you want you can use the mutator to change its sex to a male.
  5. Well seems this server problem is widespread on all maps with glitches, crashes and progress loss. I've been playing on a private server for quite a few months (we have 4 maps going at the same time and chip in for the cost with 10 licences on each so a max of 10 at one time, we never reach that), that means we can transfer our characters within our cluster to another map and we have NO game issues. I recently decided to try one of the official EU servers and created a new character on the Ragnorok map. Looking for a place to build a temp shelter at the start was stupid as players had put metal or stone pillars everywhere (even underwater) to stop people building. I was fortunately helped by someone who gifted me a Wyvern to fly around and I eventually found somewhere (took ages) where they didn't realise was a good spot and hadn't littered it with pillars. I was later ready to tame a Barry, Anki and Dodic to get resources to build easier. What a joke that was, couldn't pick any of them up to carry back to my taming pen no matter how hard I tried. Went back to my private Ragnorok server to test picking up a Barry with a Wyvern on there and had NO PROBLEM. I've now just realised what the problem possibly is, AND THAT'S YOU LOT. I bet this pillar problem is on all the official maps and its destroying your gameplay. The server has to try rendering in EVERY time you move all those new pillars and render out the old ones and the servers are prob maxed out most of the time. I'm sorry but you need to look at what you are doing yourselves and not blame the game, developers or the servers. I think the developers need to make sure there is a maximum amount of build items you can make and place to stop this and that for a group not just on single player. Look at whats been done by other players on the servers you are using and I would bet my shirt its on them all. Just going to add this is a PvE server NOT a PvP one. Also seems those players and groups with [] as names and when they chat we have [] as well in the game chat window are the main culprits on the map I'm on putting up those pillars, go figure. Might THEY be the problem? You decide.
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