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  1. you're giving bleeds to everything...can we have a slight buff to the deinonychus then? They're really fragile, much more than the thyla, who now will be able to output similar damage. It also has the base stats of a raptor for some reason.
  2. Now that you buffed the carno, could you buff the deino a bit? Now that the carno has a bleed, the deino is becoming a bit more obsolete
  3. Deinonychus Saddle BP Valguero Hello, A bit late to the party but I'm trying to find a good deino saddle bp. I already found a couple low quality ones in red overland beacons. Does anyone know if they spawn in valguero deep sea loot crates/spider cave/loot cave crates? If so, how often? Thanks
  4. Did ya'll miss the enforcer in the right of the second pic?
  5. apparently ur supposed to activate the pack buff, its not a passive boost
  6. i'm sure we can guess who the "interesting woman who tamed the herd of parasaurs" is
  7. typo in giganto dossier: you wrote "playful once tamed" twice in the bottom left section
  8. Can someone tell me where wally is? I can't find him...
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