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  1. So I always have all my dinos always set to Neutral, but sometimes it changes. Sometimes one of my dinos gets turned to 'attack my target' . It couldnt be that I accidentally pressed the keybind because I have the Attack my Target whistle unassigned. I've heard a lot of people have this. Is there a solution?
  2. Tried to tame dodos. Accidentally killed 3 before realizing I had my already tamed dodos on 'attack my target'. Got sad. I also got anxiety because I saw something i thought was a raptor. He suddenly dissappeared and i dont know where he went. Became homeless because there was something i also presumed was a raptor in my house.
  3. So I got Ark (the normal Survival Evolved without DLC) and started playing. After 3 hours I still dont know which Dino is dangerous or aggressive (besides some of the smaller animals like dodos and lysotosauruses things. Also the Parasaur). Is there a rule of thumb to use to see if a Dino is dangerous without knowing what dino it is?
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