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  1. I am plaYing on scorched earth xbox too it all started at the turkey trial 5 event i have no drops no whyvern eggs and i cant teleport too boses aswell i would try reinstalling scorched earth didnt work fore me but maybe it works for you
  2. Same think here i am playing the center too not spoiler me too much so I tried dino wipe and reinstalling arkdidnt work either
  3. Yeah i have the same issue i hope this gets fixed soon you can try a dino wipe maybe it works for you. Are you playing on xbox?
  4. I have the same issue no whyvern eggs no loot crates and no rock drake egg i hope this gets fixed soon it seems that just xbox players have the issue
  5. So i am on xbox too and on aberration and on scorched earth there are no loot crates ore.Eggs ive tried to turn off drops and then turning it on again but it didnt work. A dino whipe didnt fix it either it all started at the turkey trial event kinda sad because i already played the island and i wanted to keep going with the story pls tell me if someone has a fix
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