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  1. I just finished reading everything you have thus far. Overall the narrative style reminds me of someone who's played D&D, and perhaps has had some experience as a dungeon master. When you explain a setting, in those paragraphs it really reminds me of the "flavor text" that I would insert before asking my players: "Now what do you want to do". I like how you are introducing Helena and wonder if your group will end up meeting Rockwell. That could be very interesting, given how manipulative he is. There's definitely a lot of places you could go with this story and I like how you've tied
  2. I just started reading your Scorched Earth story the other day. I'll be sure to comment once I get more time to read it. And I'll have to take a look around the forums for your Ragnarok adventures as well.
  3. If you are going to solo, make sure the Gigas you have are clumped together as well as you can. I usually whistle them to follow/attack my target and then just keep left clicking to attach. Use group move commands in between waves to get them all in one spot. You need high quality saddles, but mostly just a ton of melee since you need to deal with corrupted dinos as quickly as possible.
  4. The difficulty scale is a bit broken. I believe the highest you can set difficulty on single player is 1.0. But when you set the difficulty higher, it results in higher level dinos you can tame, which then in turn make the bosses easier because the bosses levels/hitpoints stay the same, while your tames are able to have higher HP and more melee damage. Plus I believe the difficulty offset also determines the quality of loot you can get from drops. So having it higher means better loot. TL;DR - Boss fights don't scale. They don't get more difficult by setting the difficulty higher. They ge
  5. PvE Extinction I watched my tribe, who are all newer players, struggle to tame the Desert Titan. As a more experienced player, I've been having to walk a fine line of preparing them for what's to come, but not spoiling anything. I advised they use the Quetz method, but the person flying the Quetz got it killed pretty quickly. They then decided to do a kamikaze method of jetpacking on top of the Titan, then having the lightning target themselves. Eventually, they figured out that they could hover under it and the lightning would strike the Titan and not them.... which *groans* was suppose
  6. Amazing. Visual and auditory stimuli do indeed appear to have an effect. Subject has been allowed to regain consciousness. Narcoberry extract being used at minimal levels. He has been strapped to a chair and his arm hidden from view. Higher levels of narcoberry extract were later used to achieve the correct temperament. We have shown him chalk paintings depicting various tools. My assistant, aided by their previous experience as a psychiatrist, brought out a series of inkblots. The implant began glowing a soft, blue hue. Now we must determine the exact stimuli needed. -T Chapt
  7. Chapter 3 It was a couple hours before sunset by the time Selene and Sunny made it to High Garden. Aside from Kaprosuchus, which resembled big alligators, along the banks for of the river, their journey was largely uneventful. The Kapro were easy to avoid and overall with Sunny's height, he really wasn't something they wanted to tango with. Their journey through the mountains brought them close to a few Argentavis nests, but the giant birds didn't seem to want anything to do with them. Her talking dino was right about the trip. And also, now that she could communicate with him, he
  8. Even though Rockwell and Helena didn't have to ascend, they did have to visit this Ark's Overseer. So... kinda figure the player should get the opportunity to do that as well. Because right now, this is the only DLC that feels unfinished and it just feels plain lazy that the developers aren't adding an ending of some sort... which is a shame, because the caves on this map are amazing and the lore is really interesting.
  9. This has been a HUGE project over the past 6 months. Originally done for myself because I wanted there to be a lore and history for Ark Ragnarok, I have decided to publish it here where hopefully others will enjoy it. Two chapters will be posted at the beginning of each week, as long as people seem to be liking it. Feedback is always welcome! Thanks! -- Prelude It was hard for Sven to imagine a time when he wasn't Sven. Or rather, he preferred not to remember it, at all. Sven figured, everyone had to be someone before the person they were now. Everyone had a past. An
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