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  1. Great idea for the tool, but without meat spoilage included its kind of redundant isnt it?
  2. Hi there, Played ark for years now on and off. Last night I tried to find my old Xbox server I used to play on so I could use my old high level character. Problem is my memory is awful. Anyone know a way of finding servers you have played on? I know on PC there is a filter, but cant find that on Xbox?
  3. I think that is it. I just love the Island. Always have and think I always will. Glad that 10 people is now the norm. Might try and be alpha on a friendly server now
  4. Thanks for the reply Piffguru. Thats good to hear! Just really intrigued now. Maybe it is just because the island has been around so long?
  5. Played last night for a few minutes after nearly a year off. Noticed the Xbox Island Servers are very quiet. Anyone know the main reason for this? Dont want to invest hours this evening to then find the servers are being shut down in a week
  6. Prim+ Are Arthropleura's still OP? Stopped playing Ark a year ago after sinking 6000+ hours into it. Like any addiction I still pang after that next hit. Just wondering are the centipedes still able to down brick walls really easily? I loved that Prim+ strong walls meant Solos vs Alpha Tribes was far more balanced. Then the Centipede eating walls nerf got all my based removed overnight. Just wondering if they are still as strong as ever.
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