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  1. Horrible, horrible day in ARK. So I logged in and thought: Well a powerful wyvern would be nice to add to my collection. I already have a dodorex and a broodmother, it's time to get power in the air! So I take my poison tapejara on my shoulder, some taming and healing supplies and set out on my faithful prime argy towards the centre of the map. Between the snowy and unfinished redwood area I spot a gorgeous prime wyvern, Lvl 580. I want that!!! I have faith in my now level 614 tapejar, so I switch birds, take the argent on my shoulder and fly the tappy out towards the wyvern.
  2. Well the past few days, I have been leveling up my poison tapejara, from his post-taming level of 479 to currently 594, with most points spent in melee, some in speed and some in health. All to try and go get myself a high level dodorex. So I start to fly out over the White Shoals in the direction of where the dodorexes usually hang out. First try was a fail, because, I saw this beautiful level 600 crystal wyvern I absolutely wanted to have. So I flew back to base, got some primal crystal, flew back to the wyvern, wait for it to sit, and, ... Yes, a new male wyvern for my collection. Level 899
  3. I am so sorry for your loss . But chin up: tomorrow is another day. So I decided to give the new Iso: Crystal Isles map a try and had it installed this morning. First glance: wauw, so beautiful and colorful, a totally new and magic world to explore. I'll try to get a small base set up this evening, and start exploring after. (I'm on Single Player, and obviously not the Island map, hope that's ok to add my adventures here?)
  4. I love the ones they picked (I didn't even know there were so many map mods in development), but I'm also missing a few: the new annunaki genesis: Extinction Core for example. And I also love many of the smaller mods, like the Upgrade Table for single player. Maybe a smaller contribution to these guys would be nice too.
  5. So, I'm playing on single player and the dino stats have been "unnerfed" to a balance between the pre- and post-WC major tamed dino nerf. Will this tool still work for me? Are there perhaps settings I need to adjust?
  6. Chalicotherium is for me the horse on the Island. I hope this one is for SE, as there are still a lot of animals missing on SE (morellatops EVERYWHERE becomes boring).
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