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  1. Am I the only one that thinks about adding 3 new Mythical Creatures in Ark? | PEGASUS | CENTAUR | MINOTAUR | Pegasus The Mythical Horse with wings and the ability to fly and sky dive like the Griffin, but can also barrel role while flying similar to that of the Pteranodon. A variety of saddles; regular, armored, and royal. Useful for travelling far distances and taming, having the ability to rear kick like that of the Equus and Unicorn being able to knock out creatures. Centaur Tamable Centaurs, that can carry specific weapons and you can ride them. The Centaurs that could come in 2 different types of genders and have different types of clothing also similar to that of an original player. Minotaur Would be found in caves and spawn in a variety of types carrying different weapons. The only creature to come in ranks, higher ranking Minotaur would have more armor and better quality weapons than the lower ranks.
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