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  1. agreed to me it doesnt matter what there view is but just focusing on the game and make it better instead of milking it
  2. second post i will not say what my view on this matter of abortion or gay rights nor saying pro or no but i feel that as a company that it is not your right to put your views in a post and should just stick to the game news and related. this is also bothering me that u hve continued to done this as their are some who may find this offensive or they are to little to hear about this yet so if u could please dont put ur views into this. i love ur game though. ty
  3. First one and cool ty 4 this but ik that u will be releasing gamplay footage of ark 2here but is there any way that u can give us like a small sneakpeak sooner then a couple months from now?
  4. First one aand wow this looks awesome ps any advice on how to tame a max level rex ark lost island with out using alot of suplies
  5. Yes gigas kill wyerverns. Shadowmane is a creature from genisis Part 2 and is a fake animal. If not that tame a couple stegos or such and use them. They are awesome soakers but make sure to tame a higher lvl one. Or if one is after you just run to a bronto or other large animal. sorry you have to deal with this it sounds like a pain in the butt~ hancho.chanco
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