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  1. starting to think people have several account to vote on this. or it is bots. its insane how many votes it have gotten last 2 days
  2. honestly its not interesting. why add it if it can't even be tamed? we want creatures we can tame and actually use. not something like this.
  3. would love to see this in ARK. we need cows/bison in ark. sure there is mods but we want it on the official version to. for everyone can't have mods. and it could be really useful some suggestion for its ability's. isolation like the basilo have. but it should work even if you stand next to it. it could maybe throw/knock back animals with its big horns. break bones/stun. Milk that would give some isolations, and a bit faster healing for the player/dino that drink the milk. for a short amount of time. (since milk make bones stronger)
  4. Tasmanian Tiger species name of this extinct predator is Thylacinus cynocephalus (literally, Greek for "dog-headed pouched mammal") At one time the Thylacine was widespread over continental Australia, extending north to New Guinea and south to Tasmania. In recent times it was confined to Tasmania where its presence has not been established conclusively for more than seventy years. In Tasmania the species was best known from the north and east coast and midland plains region rather than from the mountains of the south-west. APEARENCE The Thylacine was sandy yellowish-brown to grey in colour and had 15 to 20 distinct dark stripes across the back from shoulders to tail. Although the large head was dog- or wolf-like, the tail was stiff and the legs were relatively short. Body hair was dense, short and soft, to 15mm in length. It had short ears (about 80 mm long) that were erect, rounded and covered with short fur. Jaws were large and powerful and there were 46 teeth. Adult male Thylacine were larger on average than females. The female Thylacine had a back-opening pouch. The litter size was up to four and the young were dependent on the mother until at least half-grown. Interestingly, males also had a back-opening, partial pouch. Extinction marked the demise of the only member of its family, Thylacinidae, and the world's largest marsupial (pouched) carnivore. Tasmanian tigers were 39 to 51 inches (100 to 130 centimeters) long, and the tail added 20 to 26 inches (50 to 65 cm) to its length. They weighed 33 to 66 lbs. (15 to 30 kilograms), according to Encyclopedia Britannica. Tasmanian tigers looked like dogs with yellowish fur. They had black stripes across the body, and a thin, almost rodent-like tail. The thylacine was able to open its jaws to an unusual extent: up to 80 degrees.[52] This capability can be seen in part in David Fleay's short black-and-white film sequence of a captive thylacine from 1933. The jaws were muscular, and had 46 teeth HABITS While it had a vicious appearance, Tasmanian tigers were actually very timid and could be captured without a fight. They would often die suddenly, perhaps from going into shock, according to the Australian government. Researchers think that Tasmanian tigers located prey by scent and hunted, for the most part, at night. They would hunt alone or with a partner. They were mostly quiet creatures, but, when hunting, they would make a yapping noise, much like a small dog, Although Tasmanian Tigers looked like dogs, they didn't walk or run like modern canines, and they certainly didn't lend themselves to domestication. When startled, Thylacines briefly and nervously hopped on their two hind legs at high speeds Suggestion. it could hunt in packs. They could jump fast and long to get pray or escape bigger predators. It could would have a pack bonus. It can smell injured animals.
  5. all the art is amazing as always hope we can get even more money raise under the extra life event then last year the skeleton dinos are very hard to find. at least on Fjordur. found 3 in Asgard and Midgard. no where else. maybe wild card could add more spawns of them?
  6. the box box keep taking over the official EU servers with pillars and ceilings everywhere and blocking spawns and other players. please make Asian servers so the wont have to come to out EU servers and destroy for everyone else
  7. The art is amazing as always, they thyla is my favorite so well done
  8. i lost my character too. did just start over. but its unfortunately part of the game. its good to have a back up character so if it happens you got a backup. but i lost both character
  9. it look amazing! Hope it will be as good as it sounds *Though I’m not sure if this predator grows bigger than a Giganotosaurus,* To me that sounds like they don't stop growing. maybe they will be in different sizes in the wild??
  10. well some people have several years of work and tames in official, and unofficial servers are just removed sometimes so if you played there and one day everything is gone for the sever is not running anymore, and since its the last year with Events it should be more events for 1x is horrible
  11. Why no EVO? this is the last year with events. we need the events to raise babys and gather recourses. How will it be next year? if its only 1x rest of the time i wont play anymore. 7 days to raise a giga is insane. people have real life and jobs to fix also. we need at least 2x of everything all the time next year when there will be no events. and im not getting ARK 2
  12. yeah and if you travel and loose your tribe. and you dont have a pin code. you have no way of getting back your stuff in vaults and so on, and same with the dinos in cryofridges. and how do people abuse it? i like the pin codes. and always pin the doors and vaults. so if something happens and i loose the tribe i can still get the stuff back.
  13. What about those that dont genesis? how are we going to get the skins? Will there at least be Evo events with 2x breeding? what about the charity event? its really sad that there wont be more events. those make it really fun to play. If it going to be just 1x its not worth playing. its a pain to gather recourses and breeding is horrible then and its almost impossible to get 100% imprint under 1x
  14. There is an app called ARK smart Breeding that do just that. But it's and good idea. would maybe be a bit easier if it showed in the cryopods
  15. Really? i didn't know that. but they need to be close to the tek generator then?
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