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  1. - game uninstalled - directory erased - config by default - no sound at all : in the main menu, in singleplayer, in multiplayer - my headset don't have software - i tried with my old razer megalodon (with integrated sound card) - drivers uninstalled, deactivated - tested with only one monitor - tested on my TV - tested in low memory mode - tested with anticheat disabled
  2. My output device is good, i tried with other devices, no sound. When i open the equalizer, the game don't make sound ....
  3. - game uninstalled - directory erased - don't work with regular jack speaker
  4. Since a few months, i don't have sound in Ark and Atlas : - it worked fine on this pc - sound work fine with all of my other game - don't work with my old headset (usb) - don't work with classic headset (jack) - drivers updated - registry cleaner done - don't work in low memory mod - don't work with no battle-eye The game don't emit sounds in the windows equalizer. Please help me !
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