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  1. Do you know the specific ini commands? The nerf of the cryopod is one of the worst decisions they made, next to removing movement speed. (Though I'm glad we can re-enable movement speed).
  2. This is also a interesting design! I am curious where it'll go though I am a bigger fan of The Earthshaker.
  3. I remain skeptical but am not surprised. Still a little pricey, sadly. Thanks for being transparent and, hopefully, honest about the updates. Take your time. I'd rather you delay it and make sure it works better than normal ARK than rush it out with a ton of bugs. Keep it up.
  4. Not happy with the voting, as the Giraffe, in my eyes, was the best choice. Regardless, didn't expect Ned's video to be listed! It was fun to participate in that! Congrats to him!
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