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  1. Support (Please Read)

    You must be new to Prim+, so let me fill you in: Ced has no intention in fixing his mod or even spend a minute to implement new features. You will never get an answer about your question, believe me, we tried it for months now. There hasn't been a single word if this mod will get any updates. We just have to take it a s it is. No communication with the community. You can try suport/twitter/reddit/forum/smoke-signals. You won't get any answers. So just save your time, play a broken game like we do or move on. Despite being an "official mod", it is abandoned by the dev for far too long now. Greetings from a bitter-vet...
  2. Linux Bug Reports

    Here is a fix from the steam survietheark community: Water surface workaround - Linux (WORKING) Mac (PERHAPS?) Found this on survivetheark by Loki42 and it works for me: ( fixes TheIsland, for Ragnarok need to find the asset aswell it seems ) #!/bin/bash # Enter YOUR OWN path here... !!! cd /home/example/steamapps/common/ARK/ShooterGame/ mv ./Content/PrimalEarth/Environment/Water/Water_DepthBlur_MIC.uasset ./Content/PrimalEarth/Environment/Water/Water_DepthBlur_MIC.uasset.bak cp ./Content/Mods/TheCenter/Assets/Mic/Water_DepthBlur_MIC.uasset ./Content/PrimalEarth/Environment/Water/Water_DepthBlur_MIC.uasset Edit: Could help if MAC Users post their results as well http://steamcommunity.com/app/346110/discussions/0/1519260397793942170/ Yes, that's right, we have to fix the game for ourself. Nice work, WC
  3. NO Beeswax on Ragnarok Primitive +

    That is wrong! It was changed long time ago, wax and honey now is produced in the vanilla Giant Bee hive. The apiary does not work anymore. OP, no idea what the problem is. Try to tame a Giant Queen Bee and you will have enough wax. Or, if you are on multiplayer, try to trade with other players. I play on offcial and it is no problem to get wax from destroying wild beehives.
  4. Herbivore taming with Prim+ crops

    Please help me test this, if you have new information PM or write them down in this thread. Thanks!
  5. Dimetrodon Kibble/egg

    Do you have a tamed pair? Just let them do the dirty dance and turn the fert eggs into kibble. Fastest way to get Dime eggs
  6. Primitive Plus Ragnarok Map with Scorched earth items

    We will never know, because nobody communicates with us.
  7. Linux Bug Reports

    That`s probably the card they are playing, there is just not enough money to be made from linux and mac, they just want us to move on and go away...
  8. Linux Bug Reports

    Not happening. Maybe they have some shady deal with Microsoft for using their platform, but that is just speculation. I think WC and Linux/Mac are done.
  9. A lot of problems since the last ark update

    Prim plus does not have the longneck rifle and tranq darts, thats the whole point of this mod. It brings back the survival feeling without the benefits of tech stuff. Ragnarok is in deep development and the Rag devs have nothing to do with WC besides being paid now. Just give them some time. The main problem is the Prim+ dev, he works for WC but refuses to work on his own mod. I can not confirm this, on my official server people tame otters all the time. Checked the spawn map on wiki? https://ark.gamepedia.com/Spawn_Map_(Ragnarok) Again, can't confirm. We have Gigas in the highlands all the time. Check the area east, close to the dragon rift and redwoods. There should be Gigas. Well, the main problem is the Prim+ dev, he needs to start working on his mod again and fix all the problems and bugs. For example, we still miss the desert items that we need for this map. We get updates maybe every 5-7 months, but at the moment WC is busy pushing the new DLC and given how they mistreated Prim+ the last year I believe they don't want this mod at all.
  10. Linux Bug Reports

    Just found this I don't know what it means, but at least we have an answer...
  11. Linux Bug Reports

    Su uhmm, I'm just curious...will the Linux version ever work again? I mean the game is not early access anymore and it is sold as a game for the linux platform. It does not work on Linux and I guess it doesn't work on Mac either. Anything we can do about it? I just don't want any linux-guy to buy this game and never be able to play. I made that mistake, it's clearly too late for me.
  12. Linux Bug Reports

    Same here, if you do that for 2 years without any response you get really frustrated. We tried to reach out on every available platform, be it reddit, twitter, bug report or forums. We never got a single answer besides closed tickets with standard answers. I just want to warn all of you guys, nothing will happen due to your effort. WC simply doesn't care, we are a handful of players and don't have a lobby.
  13. Linux Bug Reports

    The Right Hand admitted on twitter 2 days ago that they don't have enough engineers and can't find new ones. So I don't expect anything can be done for our small linux and mac community if they can't even fix the windows side. I gave up on ARK and moved on and I won't recommend the game to other linux gamers. They made a mistake to promote the game on linux and mac and they can't admit that it was the wrong decision. Now they slowly kill the linux and mac version. We have been ignored for so long now with the worst game-breaking bugs. The water glitch is live for a couple of months now, but instead of giving us a small feedback the devs waste their time on twitter with all the windows crybabies. I am done. Ark on Linux and Prim+ are the worst gaming experience now, together it's just nerve wrecking. I just wish a couple of linux gaming-blogs or magazines would pick up this story of failed development and report about it. And blame WC for what it did to the linux gaming community: false advertisement and shameless ignoring one of their most loyal player bases.
  14. You must be new to Prim+, so here's a rule of thumb: if something is fixed in vanilla ARK we usually have to wait 3-6 months to get it fixed in Prim+.
  15. Linux Bug Reports

    They are really busy answering all the twitter messages about eels and other important stuff like Jat [ Associate Producer ] tweeted @DaytimeCoder @Jatheish I repaired my gear yesterday, before I logged it had all taken 1 dur loss. Today all of it is at 2 dur loss. I have just been in my hatchery @DaytimeCoder I believe that is the case, just from usage but I'm a little sleepy to remember properly Priorities man, priorities...