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  1. Come join the great @rk @ngels who proudly hold down 18 servers and who proudly defeated the tribe "Panic Game" we will help you become more productive in ark and help you practice youre pvp skills and also invite you to join us in the many wars large and small we fight weekly
  2. Elipayton

    @rk @ngels

    how many of you nibbers want to join the great tribe of @rk @ngels who own 12 servers and will act as a sugar daddy to
  3. @rk @ngels is a large alpha tribe on xbox that owns 12 servers and have outposts on many others. We are looking to recruit as many new players as possible, You will start on a dead server with many other new members and one superviser you will then help build up a small setup on that server to prove loyalty and to show that you will be able to pull your own weight within the tribe. after your trust is earned we will provide you with a kit and whatever tames you need to help you be more productive, we will also provide you with what tames you need to raid other servers and you will be more then welcome in all tribe wars.
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