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  1. You can Desmodus Night vision only aktivates when you dont ride it.
  2. If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact us.
  3. I chose sea lion because his behavior was probably similar to that of sea lions / seals. He hunted in the water and sleeps a land. Link to Wikipedia article: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nothosaurus
  4. Wild: Nothosaurus is a medium-sized marine lizard that can also move on land. It is relatively slow on land, but extremely fast in the water. The possibility of going ashore makes Nothosaurus a dangerous hunter. As a result, the Nothosaurus gaping wounds can tear; it is even dangerous for larger animals. He grabs smaller prey animals and holds them tight until they are dead. On land it is less aggressive, but you should not approach it because it will attack you. Nothosaurus now and then sleeps on the beach, where you can approach it as long as you are not too loud. Tamed: Once tamed, you have a fast and reliable companion for ocean expeditions. But it can also be used on land, as it is ignored by many creatures and is very strong. In the water, however, its true strengths come to the fore. Due to the high speed it is very good for traveling and due to the high strength it can also hold its own against many large sea creatures. The only problem is that he keeps getting to sleep. Otherwise he will become weaker and at some point just fall asleep. Taming: You have to feed a sleeping Nothosaurus anesthetic / biotoxin and leave quickly because it then wakes up. You have to wait until it sleeps again and then hollow the process again. Until he passes out and then feeds it his favorite food. Statistics level 1 Wild +1 Level Health: 375 +25 Stamina: 250 +30 Oxygen: / +/ Food: 2500 +50 Weight: 300 +50 Melee damage: 30 + 1,3% Movement speed: 100% +2,4% Torpor: 750 +30 Sleep: 1000 +35 Engramm saddle: Level 45 Engramm EXP costs: 30 Crafting station: Workbench Saddle places: 1 Place Materials Leather 400 Chitin/Keratin: 100 Fibers 350 Wood 70 Metal Ingot 20 Attack:Nothosaurus Lmb: Bite 10 Stamina rmb: Tearing / Holding on 35 Stamina The attack causes bleeding damage Can destroy: Thatch Wood Effect sleep: Each stamina point that is consumed increases the sleep effect by 1 point. On land can let him sleep unridden and the sleep effect is reduced. When the sleep bar is full he will fall asleep immediately and only wake up again until the sleep bar is back to zero.this makes him defenseless. Locations: In the sea near beaches, always in groups of 2-3 animals. Very rare. Beta version dossier:
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