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  1. Oh man! That is really off-putting to someone, like me, who is just starting out!
  2. Yeah, I hear you. How does the "grind" feel to you in general though?
  3. Ah, this is a great point! I continually forget about these, even now!
  4. It's so great to see people are active in the community! I must admit that it took me a few hours to actually warm-up to it. The "tutorial" part is somewhat tough!
  5. Yeah, the dino part is pretty awesome I'm still discovering the mechanics though.
  6. Hi All, So I've recently got into Ark and put in around 27 hours (I know, WAAAYYYY less then pretty much of 99% here) :) but wanted to simply stop by to say hello and to just see what motivates you all to play this game. My son is into dinosaurs so we love playing it together but the survival aspect is something that really draws me. I thought it would be interesting to see what the Ark community thinks :)
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