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  1. im really gonna appreciate the fjordhawk i can tell, i kinda want to see if you could steal wyvern eggs by taking nothing but a fjordhawk and a pteranodon then let the hawk take the egg back to you
  2. I just don't understand why everyone thinks it's just gonna be a giga, who says it has to be as strong as a giga? If you want a giga tame a giga, but in my opinion it should be similar tier to rex because we only have three dinos on that tier who are carnivorous theropods, rex spino and yuty but yutys are a little higher on the tier list, Carchars should just be similar stats and taming difficulty to a rex or spino, literally no one said we need a gigas little cousin
  3. I actually wrote down stats for what I imagine a carchar would be in game. Same tier as rex or spino, but with a little differences. HP 850 wild + 170 tamed + 4.8% Stamina 380 wild + 38 tamed + 10% Oxygen 150 wild + 15 tamed + 10% Food 2800 wild + 280 tamed + 10% Weight 350 wild + 7 tamed + 4% Melee Damage 36 wild + 1.08 tamed + 1.8% Attack speed of a raptor DEF 0 It would have a bleed because it's literally named after its jagged teeth. Bleed ideas are a regular 1% per each second for 5 seconds, but now it stack 6 times, but that isn't too special on it's own and a little overpowered. A better idea I've had is a bleed that lasts 30 seconds but it's only 0.25% damage per second, which makes it slightly stronger than a regular bleed but it takes a really long time to come into effect, but the bleed also makes the target take increased damage from all sources (maybe 2.5×) which allows it to be killed faster by the Carchar or you pull in your gigas after giving the creature a bleed, and since tranqs do increases torpor based on damage this would also let you KO creatures faster if you give them the bleed first. Its only attack would be LMB because I'm not trying to give it a million attacks, like any decent dino like mosa, rex, giga it only needs one and maybe C to roar. It would be faster than a rex too with similar speed to a allo ig and about the same size as a rex or spino but slightly smaller frames and less bulky, and more lean.
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